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Skills a Quarterback Needs to Succeed in American Football

When scouts or coaches examine a quarterback’s potential to play in the NFL, they run down a checklist of physical, mental, and personality traits that affect a quarterback’s success on the field. The [more…]

How Quarterbacks Call Plays and Audibilize during Football Games

In American football, the quarterback relays to his teammates in the huddle what play the coach has called. The play is a mental blueprint or diagram for every player on the field. Quarterbacks are also [more…]

How to Read a Quarterback's Statistics

Being a quarterback in American football involves a lot of math. Quarterbacks are judged statistically on all levels of football by their passing accuracy [more…]

American Football Passing Terms

When discussing the passing game in American football, you use certain words and descriptions. Because passing involves the quarterback throwing the football, many of these terms relate to preventing or [more…]

An American Football Running Back’s Job Description

In an American football game, a running back has a responsibility, or assignment, on every play. Running backs may have the toughest job on the football field because they have to not only know every play [more…]

American Football Lineman Penalties

In American football, the offensive line can receive a variety of penalties for transgressions on the field. When the ref blows the whistle because of something an offensive lineman did, the team receives [more…]

The Types of Blocks in American Football

Knowing one type of American football block from another can help you impress a diehard fan or want to play on the offensive line. Here’s the lowdown on some of the most common block types in football: [more…]

How Offense Gains Better Field Position in Football

Scoring is always an offense’s ultimate goal in an American football game, but to score, you have to move down the field toward your opponent’s end zone. The offense uses various strategies for gaining [more…]

The Quarterback's Job in a Football Game

With the exception of kicking plays, quarterbacks touch the ball on every offensive play during a football game. A quarterback’s job is to direct his team toward the end zone and score as many points as [more…]

How a Quarterback Reads the Defense in a Football Game

When a quarterback prepares for a football game, he wants to be able to read the defense — look at a specific defensive alignment and instantly know which offense will or won’t succeed against it. [more…]

What the Running Backs Do in a Football Game

Understanding what’s going on during football running plays is much easier when you know who’s responsible for the running game. The next time you see a football offense set up, look for the two players [more…]

Football's Offensive Team: What Makes a Good Running Back

Running backs need more skills than American football players at other positions. During any given football game, a running back may run the ball, catch a pass, or block an opposing player. Occasionally [more…]

Possible Stances for Running Backs in Football

The running backs in an American football team’s offense use established stances, depending on the play being run. A running back can use two stances: [more…]

Football's Offensive Team: Formations for Running Backs

An offensive formation in a football game is how the offense aligns all 11 of its players prior to using a particular play. A team can run or pass out of many formations, but these three backfield formations [more…]

Running Plays in Football

Football offenses, whether in high school, college, or professional games, uses a certain set of running plays. Here are some basic running plays used in all levels of football: [more…]

The Keys to Successful Offensive Line Play in Football

In a football game, the offensive line’s job is to protect the quarterback. Linemen need to develop certain characteristics, both individually and as a unit, to effectively execute plays that keep the [more…]

Pass Offenses in Football

In an American football pass play, the offense throws the ball, rather than running with it. A team uses specific types of pass offenses, depending on the situation. These pass formations are used throughout [more…]

How an Offense Can Beat a Defense in American Football

One of the primary factors that helps a football coach decide what offense to run and what plays to call is how the defense sets up. Various defenses call for different strategies to beat them. [more…]

How the Offense Scores in a Football Game

When the offense in an American football game can move the ball downfield toward the end zone, it can score. These offensive plays can score a touchdown or two-point conversion. [more…]

Disguise a Successful Offensive Play in Football

During the course of an American football game, a team’s offense often finds that one pass play works particularly well against a certain defense and matchup. To keep using the play in that game and to [more…]

How Receivers Beat Man-to-Man Coverage

Man-to-man coverage in American football is a style in which one football player guards (or defends) another. The defender covers a single receiver no matter where he runs. His responsibility is to make [more…]

The Quarterback's Hand Off and Grip

In a football game, one of the most important things for a quarterback to learn is the running game and how it affects his steps from center. Some running plays call for the quarterback to open his right [more…]

The Quarterback's Stance, Drop Back, and Hand Off

In a football game, a quarterback begins each offensive play with his stance behind the center and his hands under the center. The center snaps the football back to the quarterback, as shown in this figure [more…]

Football's Offensive Team: The Receivers

Wide receivers and tight ends are the principal players who catch passes in American football, although running backs also are used extensively in every passing offense. Receivers come in all sizes and [more…]

Difficult Situations an Offensive Line May Face in Football

An American football coach — or a quarterback, for that matter — sometimes needs to lead his football team’s offense out of the sticky situations that arise. Offenses use these strategies to gain the necessary [more…]


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