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Football Coaching Geared to Kids of Different Ages

Part of your football coaching responsibility is knowing and understanding what to expect — both physically and emotionally — from youngsters who play the game at a particular age level. [more…]

Coaching Football by Motivating Players

Football is the ultimate team game, and you need to motivate your players to work as a team. Although the sport allows individuals in some positions (such as quarterbacks, who can elude defenders and scramble [more…]

Fitting Football Equipment on a Child for Safe Play

When playing football, kids must be outfitted for safety. In addition to organizing practices and teaching skills, good football coaches need to know how to properly fit equipment, such as helmets and [more…]

Football Coach's Halftime Talk to the Team

While coaching your football team for the first half of a game, you see all sorts of things: players scoring touchdowns, dropping passes, making diving tackles, and fumbling the ball, among others. So, [more…]

Motivating Your Football Players through Smart Coaching

Here are some coaching guidelines to help motivate your football players to give their best efforts, not get discouraged, and become the best they can be on the playing field: [more…]

Coaching Supplies for Football Practice and Games

Being prepared for football practice or the big game is your responsibility as the coach. Keep these items with you so you’re prepared for an emergency and have enough of the right equipment for football [more…]

Football Coaches' Pre-Game Responsibilities

Before you send your football team out on the field and call those plays you have worked on for weeks, use this checklist to attend to your pre-game responsibilities as football coach: [more…]

Coaching Football during Pre-Game, Post-Game, and Halftime

Keeping your football players focused, positive, playing hard and having fun before, during, and after a football game is your job as their coach. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you gather your [more…]

Coaching Football For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Coaching football involves motivating your players; supplying the right equipment for practice and games; and having the facilities and your team ready before, during, and after a football game. [more…]

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