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Football's Offensive Team: Formations for Running Backs

An offensive formation in a football game is how the offense aligns all 11 of its players prior to using a particular play. A team can run or pass out of many formations, but these three backfield formations [more…]

Running Plays in Football

Football offenses, whether in high school, college, or professional games, uses a certain set of running plays. Here are some basic running plays used in all levels of football: [more…]

The Keys to Successful Offensive Line Play in Football

In a football game, the offensive line’s job is to protect the quarterback. Linemen need to develop certain characteristics, both individually and as a unit, to effectively execute plays that keep the [more…]

Pass Offenses in Football

In an American football pass play, the offense throws the ball, rather than running with it. A team uses specific types of pass offenses, depending on the situation. These pass formations are used throughout [more…]

How an Offense Can Beat a Defense in American Football

One of the primary factors that helps a football coach decide what offense to run and what plays to call is how the defense sets up. Various defenses call for different strategies to beat them. [more…]

How the Offense Scores in a Football Game

When the offense in an American football game can move the ball downfield toward the end zone, it can score. These offensive plays can score a touchdown or two-point conversion. [more…]

Disguise a Successful Offensive Play in Football

During the course of an American football game, a team’s offense often finds that one pass play works particularly well against a certain defense and matchup. To keep using the play in that game and to [more…]

Football Defense Terms

Every American football team has its own vocabulary for referring to different defensive positions. Here are some of the most common terms that teams use to refer to defensive linemen and their alignments [more…]

Football Defense Keys

In American football terminology, a key is what a defensive player looks at prior to the snap of the ball. For example, if it’s first-and-5, odds are that the offense will attempt to run the ball. The [more…]

Football's Defense Team: The Linebackers

By the design of the American football defense, linebackers are the leaders of that 11-man squad. The rest of a team’s defense looks to the linebackers in a number of ways: [more…]

The Types of Football Linebackers

Although an American football linebacker’s main intention as part of a team’s defense is to tackle the offensive player with the ball, a variety of different types of linebackers can be out on the field [more…]

Football Defensive Alignment Terms

To better understand the inner workings of the defense in American football, you need to know how a defense lines up. Most defenses line up according to where the tight end on offense lines up. A defensive [more…]

The Positions in a Football Secondary

The secondary is the name given to the group of players on an American football team who make up the defensive backfield. All the players who make up the secondary are called [more…]

Tricks and Techniques of a Football Secondary

When defensive backs line up as part of an American football team’s secondary, they rarely know whether the play will be a pass or a run. In a split second, after the ball is snapped, the secondary must [more…]

Football Defensive Back Plays

American football’s defensive backs have a number of plays they can make. Their goal with these plays is to prevent the opponent’s receivers from catching the ball and prevent a possible touchdown. [more…]

Types of Defensive Coverage in Football

American football teams’ defenses employ two types of pass coverage: man-to-man and zone coverage. Both coverages have many variations and combinations, but the core of every defense’s coverage begins [more…]

Types of Football Defenses

An American football team has a variety of defensive strategies. The defense lines up differently, for example, when it’s making a goal-line stand or when it’s defending against a long pass. To help you [more…]

Difficult Situations a Football Defense May Face

Defenses in American football are under constant pressure in every game: One mistake in a defensive play (a missed tackle in the open field or a blown assignment, for example), and the opponent has points [more…]

The Role of Special Teams in a Football Game

The players in American football who put their foot to the ball are known as specialists, and they’re part of special teams. Although the kickers (including placekickers, punters, and field goal kickers [more…]

The Start of a Football Game: The Kickoff

For American football fans, the opening kickoff is an exhilarating start to any game. They see the two-sided thrill of one team attempting to block the other, helping its returner run through, over, and [more…]

The Kickoff Rules of a Football Game

Like virtually everything else in football, kickoffs are strictly governed by a set of rules. In the kickoff, one team attempts to block the other and the kicking team wants to stop the returner inside [more…]

How a Team Returns the Kickoff in a Football Game

The ultimate purpose of a kickoff return in football is to score or advance the ball as close to midfield (or beyond it) as possible. A football team’s ability to start out on offense in better-than-average [more…]

Football Special Teams: Field Goals and PATs

In football, most special teams involve the placekicker or field goal kicker. But other members of a football team participate in field goal and extra point attempts. Read on to see what makes a kick count [more…]

Football Special Teams: How to Block Field Goals and PATs

Blocking either a PAT or a field goal attempt in a football game can change the momentum of that game and eventually decide its outcome. To block kicks, defensive players must be dedicated, athletic, and [more…]

Football Special Teams: Players on a Punt Team

The punter isn’t the only important player during a punt play in an American football game — although it may seem like it sometimes, especially on a bad punt. Here are some of the other key performers: [more…]


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