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Knowing Some Important Tour de France Regulations

Tour rules and regulations are detailed in race Articles. Listed in the Technical Guide, they range from participation to disqualification, medical care to prize money. Rules are written and detailed in [more…]

Tour de France: Time Trials, Mountains Stages, Prologues, and More

Despite its century steeped in tradition, one great appeal of the Tour de France is its flexibility. Organizers arrange the course as they choose, but always with a plan to include a balance of most of [more…]

Understanding the Tour de France and the Strategies

Condensed to its basic premise, the Tour de France is a simple athletic contest: The cyclist who completes a strenuous and often perilous course of more than 2,000 miles in the lowest total time wins. [more…]

A Few Dramatic Tour de France Moments

Sudden, spectacular moments make the Tour de France what it is. Racing can change in an instant, whether from a rider's quick acceleration, an unseen obstacle in the road, or a cyclist's unscripted emotional [more…]

These Legs Were Made for Biking and Walking

The greenest alternative to vehicle use is to walk or ride a bicycle to your destination, which gives you both health benefits and green-living points. Even if your destination is out of range for your [more…]

How to Get Your Kids Out and Exercising

Sure, getting your child physical helps balance calories. But it also helps develop coordination and self-confidence. Diet and exercise habits that start now are more likely to follow your child into adulthood [more…]

How to Set Up Your Triathlon Transition Area

Transitions are an important part of any triathlon, and how well you prepare for them and practice going from swimming to biking to running can help you cut minutes from your overall time. Follow these [more…]

Your Day-Of Triathlon Checklist

The day of your triathlon has arrived! To make sure that you pack everything you need for all three aspects of the event, use the following checklist, which covers the necessities for swimming, biking, [more…]

Bike Tools to Take When You Ride

Before you hit the road on your bike, assemble an emergency tool kit so you’re prepared in case of a breakdown. Take the weight and size of bike tools into consideration when you’re loading up your tool [more…]

A Pre-Ride Bike Inspection Checklist

Before you head out for your next ride, take a few minutes to do a quick bike inspection. Giving your bike the once-over can increase the safety, comfort, and enjoyment of your next ride. Follow these [more…]

Safety Tips while Riding Your Bike

Taking care of your bike is only one aspect of staying safe while riding. Take these steps to reduce strain on your body, protect your bike, and improve safety while your ride: [more…]

Bike Maintenance and Repair For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Before you hit the road on your bike, put together an emergency tool kit for unexpected repairs and give your bike a pre-ride maintenance inspection. Stay alert while riding your bike and practice some [more…]

Road Safety Tips for Beginner Cyclists in Australia and New Zealand

Keeping safe on the roads is vital. You can be vulnerable on a bicycle, but here are a few tips to help keep you out of harm’s way: [more…]

Packing for Local Rides and Longer Cycling Trips

Don’t end up standing beside your bicycle, wishing you’d brought along some simple item. Carry what you need to ensure you’ll get to your destination. Here are some suggestions. [more…]

Picking a Bike that’s Right for You

Deciding to ride a bicycle (or start riding again or more often) is a big step forwards. Well done. But before you can pop down to the bike shop, make a purchase and ride off into the sunset, you have [more…]

Essential Cycling Equipment

You can buy a million things to make your bike riding more enjoyable. Here are some of the more necessary accessories for bicycling in style (and staying safe): [more…]

Incorporating Cycling into Your Routine

With a bit of thinking, cycling can fit easily into your schedule, so you get healthy exercise and save time and money. Here are some tips on making cycling part of your weekly routine: [more…]

Cycling For Dummies (Australia/New Zealand Edition) Cheat Sheet

Riding a bicycle is a magnificent thing to do. Cycling is good for your health, your purse, your community and your planet. Turning over the pedals is always fun, but some things are handy to know so that [more…]

Staying Safe on the Road and Being Seen on a Bike

You can be the best cyclist in the world, but you’re still vulnerable on a bike. Forewarned is forearmed, so keep yourself safe with these tips on how to keep yourself out of trouble on the roads: [more…]

Browsing the Range of Bicycles Available

So you’ve decided to take up cycling, but you’re missing that vital piece of kit – a bike! Unless you already know exactly what type of bike you want, a good piece of advice is to take your time and really [more…]

Making Cycling a Part of Your Daily Life

When you’re new to cycling, or if you haven’t cycled regularly for a while, you might see the prospect of making cycling a part of your daily routing as something of a challenge. But cycling more is easy [more…]

Kitting Yourself Out with Cycling Gear

Like any activity, you need to gather certain pieces of equipment to get the most from cycling and to stay safe whilst you do so. Make sure that the following pieces of kit are on your shopping list when [more…]

Gathering Essential Equipment for Cycle Rides

Things can sometimes go wrong on a bike ride, so it makes sense to carry with you a few simple pieces of kit so that you can deal with the problems you’re most likely to encounter. On longer rides, you’ll [more…]

Cycling For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

Riding a bicycle is a magnificent thing to do. Cycling is good for your health, your purse, your community and your planet. Turning over the pedals is always fun, but some things are handy to know so that [more…]

Ten Reasons to Ride a Bicycle

Quite possibly, a million good reasons to ride a bicycle exist, and you will likely share many of them in this article's comments. But to keep this article from getting too long, here are the current ten [more…]

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