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The Differences between Softball and Baseball

Baseball and softball are nearly identical in many respects, but you'll notice a few major differences between the two sports when you begin to compare. You need to know the differences if you're planning [more…]

Bunting in Baseball

Bunting occurs when a batter holds the bat in the hitting zone and, without swinging, lets the ball make contact with it. The idea is to deaden the ball so that the baserunners can advance [more…]

Understanding Baseball's Balk Call — and How to Avoid It

With runners on base, after the pitcher goes into his wind-up or makes any movement associated with delivering the ball to home plate, the pitcher must not interrupt his motion or the umpire can call a [more…]

Stealing Second Base in Baseball

All great base stealers have a love of larceny. They derive joy from picking the opposing team's pockets, especially in pressure situations. To excel as a base thief, you have to be cocky. When you get [more…]

Stealing Third Base, Stealing Home, and Other Baseball Thievery

Stealing third base is generally easier than stealing second. You can take a bigger lead at second than at first without drawing many throws. If your timing is good, you can also take off from second before [more…]

Presenting Your Coaching Philosophy to Parents

Presenting your coaching philosophy to parents makes you an approachable and likeable coach. Let the parents know before the first practice how you're approaching the season and what you want your focus [more…]

Getting Equipped to Play Baseball

When you take the baseball field, you should take along the best equipment available. You don't need to spend vast sums to purchase top-quality accessories as long as you know what to look for and where [more…]

The First Practice: Kicking Off Your Season

Encountering a shark in the ocean, a rattlesnake in the grass, and an IRS agent at your front door are all terrifying experiences. However, you don't need to add [more…]

Assisting Your Young, Befuddled Baseball Players

As your season moves along, most of your players will learn new skills, make improvements, and have a lot of fun. However, some of your kids may not develop a comfort level with certain basics of the game [more…]

Responsibilities of Base Coaches in Baseball

Baseball coaches are responsible not only for the play of the team as a whole, but for coaching players when they reach first and third base during a baseball game. The responsibilities of coaching each [more…]

How to Deliver the Pre-Game Talk as a Baseball Coach

As a baseball coach, you talk to your players at every practice, but your pre-game talk is your last chance to get your players ready for their upcoming game. The pre-game talk is your chance to remind [more…]

How to Deliver the Post-Game Talk as a Baseball Coach

As a baseball coach, you enjoy when your team wins and suffer when they lose. Win or lose, though, you need to talk to your players after the game. After the baseball game is over, your post-game talk [more…]

How to Build Players Up as a Baseball Coach

As a baseball coach, you’re an important person in your players’ lives. You teach them the rules of baseball and you have a hand in developing them as players and as people. Use the tips in the following [more…]

What to Bring to Practice as a Baseball Coach

As a baseball coach, you not only have to lead your team, you have to bring the supplies for practice. You may want to augment the following list, but it contains the basics to bring to every baseball [more…]

What to Bring to Games as a Baseball Coach

It’s game day! As the coach of your baseball team, you’ve done your best to get your players ready to play, but you have additional responsibilities. You have to bring equipment for your players and information [more…]

How to Make Baseball Practice Fun

As a baseball coach, you not only have to teach your team the fundamentals of the game, you have to make learning those fundamentals fun so that your players stay interested and engaged. Use the tips in [more…]

Sample One-Hour Baseball Practice

Most of a baseball coach's time is spent in practice, so structuring that practice to make the most of it is important. The following list offers suggestions for how much time to spend on which activities [more…]

Coaching Baseball For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Coaching baseball is hard but rewarding work that requires a variety of skills. You have to be organized enough to bring what your players need to practices and games, knowledgeable enough to make practice [more…]

How Hitters Make Outs in Baseball

Outs are one of the fundamental elements of the game — they’re baseball’s currency, its equivalent of time. You only get 27 of them in a game, so the team on offense strives to avoid them while the defending [more…]

How Batters Make It to a Base in Baseball

Getting on base is a batter’s primary task, and the first step to scoring runs, which is the way to win — and lose — games. This is a list of the ways hitters can get on base, by either swinging or [more…]

How Baseball Players Get an Out on the Base Paths

After a baseball player reaches base, a million things can happen to him — and the worst of them is getting put out. The following is a short list of the most common ways base runners suffer that fate. [more…]

What are the Positions on a Baseball Team?

The following figure shows the different positions (and their abbreviations) of the positions on a baseball team. It’s baseball’s chessboard. Knowing the positions and the way they relate to each other [more…]

What Makes a Good Hitter in Baseball

Most people associated with baseball, especially scouts, coaches, managers, and general managers, emphasize such elements as a player’s stance, hitting mechanics, bat speed, and natural power. But even [more…]

Underappreciated Aspects of Pitching in Baseball

Most baseball fans know successful pitchers can consistently put the ball where they want to — skills known as control(where they place each pitch) and [more…]

What You Need to Know to Follow Major League Baseball

Baseball is played everywhere a diamond can be forged from a semblance of a field — from mud huts, to driveways, to sugar cane grasslands, to billion-dollar state-of-the-art stadiums. And you can watch [more…]


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