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Fantasy Football Terms You Need to Know

Like the rest of the sports world, fantasy football has a lingo all its own. The slang terms are all fairly easy to grasp and fun to use, so don't be scared off! The following list will help you get a good feel for these fantasy football terms [more…]


How the Football Season Is Set Up

The American football season is different for high school, college, and pro teams. Teams at every level play during a standard season and are governed by various football leagues, such as the NFL and NCAA. [more…]


Football Coaching Geared to Kids of Different Ages

Part of your football coaching responsibility is knowing and understanding what to expect — both physically and emotionally — from youngsters who play the game at a particular age level. [more…]

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Coaching Football

The Role of General Managers in American Football

On many NFL teams, general managers are the eyes and ears of the owner, and they oversee the day-to-day operation of the team. They must be cold and calculating people because they have to make a lot of [more…]

Coaching Football

The 10 Greatest Coaches in the History of Football

Most of the following men were innovators, and all of them were winners. Everyone speaks of playing hard, win or lose. But a football coach is special when he molds 30 to 50 men into a championship team [more…]


The 10 Greatest Football Quarterbacks of All Time

NFL quarterbacks hold the most highly regarded position in all of sports. When they’re good, they’re stars in the eyes of the media and the world. When they’re great, their exploits become the stuff of [more…]

Football: Offense

13 Top Non-Quarterback Offensive Football Players

The main criterion for the following list was choosing talented offensive players who were also great champions. And because the NFL has become such a passing league, the greatest quarterbacks are not [more…]

Football: Defense

The Greatest Defensive Football Players of All Time

Everyone has a top ten list of all-time defensive football players, so here’s a couple extra players for good measure. Some of these selections are predictable; others may raise an eyebrow or two. [more…]