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Discover the Way to Happiness with Mindfulness

How can mindfulness lead to happiness? The Dalai Lama, often giggling or smiling with others, says: ‘I believe that the very purpose of our life is to seek happiness.’ That’s a huge statement. Imagine [more…]

What is Mindfulness Meditation?

Mindfulness meditation is a particular type of meditation that’s been well-researched and tested in clinical settings. Meditation isn’t thinking about nothing. Meditation is paying attention in a systematic [more…]

The Mindfulness Body Scan

The body scan is a wonderful meditation to start your journey into mindfulness practices. You normally do the body scan lying down, so you get a sense of letting go straight away. [more…]

How to Discover Your Mindfulness Intentions

Meditative visualization is a helpful exercise that may give you an insight into what your true and deep intentions in practicing mindfulness are. Many people are surprised and fascinated by the insights [more…]

How to Find Trust for Mindfulness Meditation

Without a certain degree of trust, mindfulness meditation is challenging. This is because trust helps you to continue believing in the process of meditation when you feel that nothing’s happening, or something [more…]

How to Let Go for Mindfulness

Letting go is the essence of mindfulness meditation. Thoughts, emotions, ideas, opinions, beliefs, emotions, sensations are all to be observed, explored and then let go. This can be a difficult part of [more…]

Savor Eating Meditation for Mindfulness

Try this eating meditation the first time you practice mindfulness. Starting with eating meditation demonstrates the simplicity of meditation. Mindfulness meditation isn’t about sitting cross-legged for [more…]

Mindfulness Breathing Meditation

If you’re keen to try a short ten-minute sitting mindfulness meditation, this one’s for you. This meditation focuses your attention on the breath and enables you to guide your way back to your breathing [more…]

The Benefits of Mindful Movement

Moving and stretching in a slow and mindful way is a wonderful preparation for more extended meditation exercises. Movement can also be a deep formal meditation in itself, if you approach it with full [more…]

Which Posture Should You Use for Mindfulness Sitting Meditation?

When sitting for mindfulness meditation, imagine yourself as a mountain: stable, grounded, balanced, dignified and beautiful. Your outer posture is more likely to be translated in your inner world, bringing [more…]

How to Practice Sitting Meditation

The mindful sitting practice comprises several stages. To begin with, try just the first stage – mindfulness of breath – daily. Then, after about a week, you can expand the meditation to include mindfulness [more…]

How to Practice Formal Walking Meditation for Mindfulness

Consider trying a formal walking meditation for mindfulness, which means you make special time and space to practice the exercise. You can equally introduce an awareness of your walking in an informal [more…]

How to Practice Alternative Walking Meditations for Mindfulness

If formal walking meditation isn’t for you, there are other options. Here are a couple of other ways you can practice walking meditation for mindfulness, which you can use whilst moving at your own pace [more…]

How to Practice Metta Meditations for Mindfulness

Here’s a guided metta meditation for your mindfulness practice. Work through it slowly, taking it step by step. If you don’t have the time or the patience to do all the stages, do as many as you feel comfortable [more…]

How to Practice the Breathing Space for Mindfulness

The three-minute mini meditation, called the breathing space, is a bit like a tea break, but as well as relaxation, the breathing space enables you to check what’s going on in your body, mind and heart [more…]

How to Practice an Entire Day of Mindfulness

In this day and age, people work very hard. Maybe you need an entire mindful day to recharge. You’re working hard for your employers, your own business or perhaps at home, looking after your parents or [more…]

How to Stay Awake during Mindfulness Meditation

Sleep and mindfulness are opposites. When you fall asleep you’re at a low level of consciousness; lower than during normal everyday life. Meditation is designed to heighten your state of awareness, so [more…]

How to Deal with Common Distractions during Mindfulness Meditation

Distractions – whether internal or external – are a part of mindfulness meditation. They go hand in hand. If you find yourself frustrated, criticizing the distraction and getting annoyed, feel it, let [more…]

Learn from Negative Experiences for Mindfulness Meditation

People often don’t know what to do with negative experiences that can come with mindfulness meditation. Think back to the first time you met a dog. If your first encounter with a dog was pleasant, you’re [more…]

How to Approach Difficulties with Kindness for Mindfulness Meditation

When you’re faced with a difficulty in life, how do you meet it? How you relate to difficulties can be applied to your mindfulness meditation and plays a big role in the outcome. Your difficulties offer [more…]

How to Use Mindfulness to Manage Pain

Pain is something every person will be faced with at some point. Mindfulness can help you approach pain in a healthy way. Acute pain is a sharp pain lasting for a short time, sometimes defined as less [more…]

How to Reduce Fatigue with Mindfulness

Mindfulness can help reduce fatigue. If you’re full of energy, getting your daily tasks done is a no-brainer – you may come home from work brimming with energy, able to cook, clean, go out with your friends [more…]

How to Use Mindfulness during Ill Health

In the mindfulness-based stress reduction clinic, a popular saying is: ‘If you can breathe, there’s more right with you than wrong with you.’ You don’t even have to be able to sit up or to move to benefit [more…]

Mindfulness Meditations for Children

Some shy away from attempting to teach children mindfulness or meditation, But the truth is that, like anything else, learning to do something as a child is easier and helps set healthy practices for life [more…]

How to Use Mindfulness on the Go

Mindfulness can go with you as your travel. It’s amusing to see people from abroad on the Underground transport system in London, looking at the trains with awe, and taking photos. Other commuters look [more…]

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