Basics of Mindfulness

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How to Use Mindfulness at Home

Not only is doing mindfulness meditation and exercise at home convenient, but it also helps you to enjoy your everyday activities as well. Then, rather than seeing chores as a burden, you may begin to [more…]

How to Use Mindfulness for Quick Stress Reduction

Many people come to mindfulness for stress reduction. Stress impacts everyone, regardless of your job, home life or financial situation. If you’re alive, you’re going to experience stress. The question [more…]

How to Overcome Boredom and Restlessness to Practice Mindfulness

Boredom and restlessness are like opposite poles of an energy scale and are common complaints when attempting mindfulness. Boredom is associated with a lack of enthusiasm and connection, whereas restlessness [more…]

How to Assess Your Stress with Mindfulness

The first step in using mindfulness to help with stress is to know when it is happening. How do you know when you’re beginning to get stressed about something? What are your early warning signs? Does your [more…]

See the Connection between Mind and Body with Mindfulness

Mindfulness allows you to see the connection between the mind and body. This can be useful when dealing with any situation. Imagine you’re scared of spiders. As you walk downstairs before dawn, you can [more…]

How to Teach Mindfulness to Children

Before you attempt to teach your children the art of mindfulness, consider how they learn. By adopting the right attitude to this important and challenging endeavor, you’re more likely to avoid unnecessary [more…]

Games that Teach Children Mindfulness

Children love games. Games can help teach mindfulness by focusing your child’s mind and, at the same time, having an element of fun. Then, in this more focused state of mind, you can do a short, guided [more…]

How to Practice Mindful Parenting

Parenting is the most difficult, stressful, important and probably most fulfilling responsibility in the world. In short, it’s a perfect area for mindfulness. A good parent needs not only to nurture the [more…]

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness was originally developed in ancient times, and can be found in Eastern and Western cultures. Mindfulness is a translation of the ancient Indian word [more…]

How to Practice Diaphragmatic Breathing for Mindfulness

Diaphragmatic or belly breathing, rather than just chest breathing, is the type of breathing that takes place with mindfulness when you’re relaxed and calm. You can see it in babies and young children [more…]

How to Improve Relationships with Mindful Deep Listening

Deep or mindful listening occurs when you listen with more than your ears. It opens you up to hearing without judgment, thus, improving your relationships with others. Deep listening involves listening [more…]

How to Use Mindfulness on the Go

Mindfulness can go with you as your travel. It’s amusing to see people from abroad on the Underground transport system in London, looking at the trains with awe, and taking photos. Other commuters look [more…]

Set Realistic Expectations for Your Mindfulness Practice

If you think that mindfulness meditation is going to make you feel calm and relaxed and free of all problems, you’re going to have a hard time. When you first learn to drive, you don’t expect to be an [more…]

A Mindfulness Exercise to Evaluate Your Experiences

Mindfulness encourages you to become curious about all aspects of your experiences. In everyday life you experience a whole range of different experiences. They can all be grouped into pleasant, unpleasant [more…]

Heal from Within with Mindfulness

Engaging in mindfulness practices can help you approach healing from a whole new perspective. Think about this: the word heal is related to the Old English word for ‘whole’ [more…]

A Mindfulness Exercise to Evaluate Your Attitudes

Attitudes can become habits; both good and bad habits. And attitudes, like habits, aren’t easy to change. Mindfulness can help you work toward a desired attitude, but, you need to work to improve your [more…]

Mindfulness Exercises to Generate Friendliness

To practice mindfulness, you have to be open to friendliness. True mindfulness is not pure attention alone. In Eastern language, the word for mind and heart is often the same word, which is [more…]

How to Find Your Level of Mindfulness

You can certainly take any type of non-traditional exercise and dump it into a barrel labeled “mind-body.” That’s fine if you prefer simplicity and don’t want to get wrapped up with categorizing and rating [more…]

3 Classifications of Mind-Body Methods

You can find hundreds and thousands of mind-body methods and concepts to help you balance body and mind, or to increase your inner awareness and energy flow. Some methods are new; some are older. Some [more…]

How to Turn Off Your Brain during Mind-Body Workouts

In a mind-body class, the most productive thing you can do is to turn off your brain, and simply feel the workout, letting yourself flow through it. Avoid passing judgment or grading yourself. This concept [more…]

How to Breathe Deeply and Easily in Mind-Body Workouts

A breath can be rejuvenating. Sometime if you’re just feeling a little stressed, turn your focus inward for a moment. So before you get into a habit of holding your breath, put yourself into a habit of [more…]

How to Fit Mind-Body Techniques into Your Evening

At sunset or in the early evening, you want to find peace with your day and slow down your pace. Sunset or early evening can be a grand time to take 30 minutes before dinner or after work to go through [more…]

How to Warm Up and Cool Down in Mind-Body Workouts

You’ve probably heard about warming up before you start an activity. Do 3 to 5 minutes of low-intensity activity that engages the muscles you will be using and allows the tissue to soften and your body [more…]

How to Carry a Powerful Center in Mind-Body Workouts

Contrary to what many people believe, your legs don’t power you through movements, nor do your arms power you. Your brain isn’t even what powers you. Your physical [more…]

How to Find your Energy Flow in Mind-Body Workouts

No matter the level of a mind-body workout, each one has its link to focused energy flow. Rather than gripping or clenching and stopping the energy flow — sort of like a kink in a hose — if you breathe [more…]


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