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Soothe Your Emotions by Practicing Mindfulness

Here, you discover the mindful way to manage emotions — the steps to take when you’re feeling low, excessively angry or uncomfortably anxious. Positive emotions can be a wonderful feeling. Joy, elation [more…]

Use Mindfulness to Get in Touch with Your Observer Self

Your sense of self, of who you are, is something most people take for granted. You probably think of yourself as a fixed entity that goes through the world thinking, feeling and doing things. But in fact [more…]

Let Go of Unhelpful Self Identification with Mindfulness

Identification in this context is when you feel deeply interconnected with something and it can be a real problem. Here are some sentences that you may say to yourself when you’re in a state of identification [more…]

Discover Your Deepest Intentions with Mindfulness

You may wonder why intention is so important in mindfulness. Well, the origins of the word give a clue. ‘Intention’ comes from the Latin meaning to ‘turn one’s attention’ and so intention is about pointing [more…]

Become More Mindful by Identifying Your Values

Values are the things that you believe are important in your life — your heart’s deepest desires about how you want to act. Identifying your values and moving towards them causes you to feel more satisfied [more…]

Unleash the Power of Attitude when You Practice Mindfulness

Attitude is predominantly about choice. You’re in control of your attitude; that’s what makes it so empowering. Attitude is an important part of not only practicing mindfulness, but also having a happier [more…]

Foster Acceptance when Practicing Mindfulness

Acceptance is a core attitude of mindfulness. Acceptance means allowing your experience to be just as it is, whatever it is, rather than fighting it. Acceptance doesn’t mean complacency or giving up. It [more…]

Practice Patience through Mindfulness

Mindful meditation isn’t guaranteed to bring you joy and peace every time you practice. It’s a skill you develop. Patience is an attitude that can help you with mindfulness. Patience can be challenging [more…]

Cultivate Beginner's Mind for Mindfulness

Seeing afresh or seeing with ‘beginner’s mind’ is a useful approach that can make you view life in a new way. The personal physician to His Holiness the Dalai Lama says, ‘Empty your bowl of yesterday’s [more…]

The Importance of Trust in Practicing Mindfulness

Trust is important in mindfulness because you can’t expect mindfulness to give instant results. You need to trust in the process for anything between a few weeks to a few months before you notice any benefits [more…]

Bring an Attitude of Curiosity to Your Mindfulness Practice

Curiosity is at the heart of any learning process. If you’re curious about something, you want to find out more about it. When you feel curious, you ask lots of questions, listen intently and get excited [more…]

Remain Playful and Light-Hearted when Practicing Mindfulness

A lovely attitude to have towards mindfulness and life in general is playfulness and light-heartedness. If a meditation doesn’t work for you first time or doesn’t feel right for you, don’t panic but think [more…]

Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude when Practicing Mindfulness

You’re grateful when you’re aware of what you have rather than what you don’t. Mindfulness is the starting point for gratitude. Without mindfulness, you can’t be aware of all the things that are going [more…]

Encourage an Attitude of Forgiveness for Mindfulness

Forgiving others or yourself is a difficult thing to do. Being annoyed and angry with someone for a prolonged time isn’t beneficial for your wellbeing; to paraphrase Nelson Mandela, it’s like drinking [more…]

How to Deal with Unhelpful Attitudes when Practicing Mindfulness

In order to practice mindfulness, you need to begin to let go of any perfectionist or impatient attitudes you may have towards it. If you struggle with the mindfulness meditation, you fall asleep or your [more…]

The Elements of the Doing Mode of Mind

As a busy person, falling into doing mode of mind for almost 100 per cent of the time is very easy. Doing mode of mind is often a useful practice to have a constructive day — you need to remember to brush [more…]

The Being Mode of Mind

Being mode is an uplifting and supportive state of mind that’s always available to you, even in the midst of busy activity. You can be in the middle of a very challenging time at work and still very aware [more…]

How to Enjoy More Being in Everyday Life

The sense of being, of presence, is your natural state of mind. Children are usually in being mode, living in the moment and unconcerned about achieving long-term goals or worrying about the past. To enjoy [more…]

Key Ways to Just Be when Practicing Mindfulness

Are you a busy person? Do you have too much to do to have time to just be? One of the attractive things about mindfulness is that you don’t have a fixed amount of time that you’re supposed to practice [more…]

How to Deal with Emotions in Being Mode

Emotions aren’t problems to be solved, but experiences to be accepted. When you use doing mode to try to manage your emotions, your challenging mood can deepen. [more…]

How to Focus on Mindful Breathing Meditation

Mindful breathing is the most basic mindfulness meditation. But basic doesn’t mean easy or shallow. Mindfulness of breath is a tremendously powerful practice. If all you gain from this book is how to do [more…]

Mindful Movement Meditation

Your body doesn’t have to be physically still in order to practice mindfulness meditation. Some people struggle with being physically still for extended periods of time. However, almost everyone enjoys [more…]

Practice the Body Scan Meditation

One of the unique features of the body scan meditation is that you do it lying down, making it an ideal meditation for you to begin with, as you don’t need to hold your body upright for long periods of [more…]

Common Obstacles with the Body Scan Meditation

Here are some of the common difficulties that arise with the body scan meditation. Look through the list to see if any of them apply to you. This may help to put your mind at rest if you had an unusual [more…]

Try Different Positions for Sitting Meditation

Sitting meditation, also called expanding awareness meditation, lies at the heart of mindfulness meditation practice. The sitting position has been used for meditation for thousands of years and for good [more…]


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