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11 Commandments for Living a Spiritual Life

Here are ten commandments (plus one extra) that you can think of as suggestions or helpful advice on ways to honor and follow the laws of this universe. [more…]

5 Divine Forms to Check Out

Spiritual images are invocations of the divine presence and reminders of the symbolic ideals for which they stand. Although some religions frown upon worshipping idols or forms, others find this practice [more…]

The 7 Stages of Universal Creation Based on Kashmir Shaivism

When you’re talking about universal creation, you have to move into a bigger picture view that goes beyond just one planet, one time frame, and one physical dimension. [more…]

How to Connect with the Divine through Prayer

Asking God for the needs of life is one more way to connect with the divine. Even if you have a surrender and trust that God’s will is done regardless of whether you ask for anything specific, you can [more…]

Singing to the Divine

When you sing to the divine, you’re using your voice as an instrument to make a beautiful offering from spirit into spirit. Just think of the blissful, peaceful harmony that comes from good spiritual music [more…]

What Is the World Made of?

This universe isn’t just some kind of inconsequential, random spark that has blasted through a big black hole somewhere beyond the space/time continuum. It may be that, but it is also much more than that [more…]

How This World Is Like a Movie

With a vision of Universal Creation, you experience the situations of your life and enjoy the plot twists. You know that a divine actor is playing every part in this movie of life. Behind every personal [more…]

Dream Interpretation and Spirituality

One way to describe the nature of this world is to use the metaphor of a dream. When you’re dreaming, you experience all these objects and events. You have perceived histories with the people in your dream [more…]

The Laws of Karma

Karma is a natural law. Karma is the currency of your life. With the currency of karmic actions, you purchase and create all your life experiences — good, bad, pleasant, and unpleasant. Karma is the law [more…]

Should You Make Lots of Good Karma?

Well, making good karma certainly rates higher than making bad karma, right? At the same time, even the pleasures of this world are said to pale before the universal bliss of regaining one’s place as the [more…]

How to Clean Up Your Karmas

One way to act without creating karma is to act without any attachment to the good or bad fruits of your actions. Withdraw the importance you place on things of the ephemeral, physical world and begin [more…]

The Law of Attraction

The basic idea of the law of attraction is that your thoughts determine your experience. You attract what you think about, whether or not you want it.

The law of attraction is not about blame or guilt — [more…]

How to Untangle the Web of Desires

The web of desires is made up of all the strands of information and misinformation that have been built around you since the day you took birth into this world. It is this web of multifaceted desires that [more…]

The Power of Affirmations

Affirmations are statements you make to yourself — declarations of what you wish to be. Affirmations have been used for many centuries, such as in the form of mantras or prayers, mainly because they tend [more…]

Remember That the Universe Is Always Listening

Most people aren’t aware of all that they’re asking for through their thoughts and actions — affirmations. The best way to find out what you’ve been asking for is to look at everything around you — all [more…]

How to Use Manifestation Techniques

Without a deeper understanding of the relationship between the individual soul and the universal soul, your use of metaphysical and spiritual laws of manifestation could be but a step away from cheap parlor [more…]

How to Clarify Your Spiritual Intentions and Goals

Before using metaphysical principles to achieve your desires, put some time and effort into clarifying your greater intentions and goals. Three efforts that can help prepare you to use metaphysical manifestation [more…]

What Is the Supreme Surrender?

Supreme surrender is a combination of inner faith and letting go. Supreme surrender is like a drop merging into the ocean. The drop surrenders its smallness and becomes one with the great ocean. With supreme [more…]

The Importance of Divine Guidance

The best way to move forward in any endeavor is to use your knowledge, determination, and reasoning abilities in combination with the great divine guidance that’s available to you. Divine guidance is an [more…]

How to Depend on Spirit

The only thing you can depend on is God, and that if you can really, truly depend on God, He will bring a steadiness to your life and a protection that can’t be found in any other dependence. [more…]

What Enlightenment Is Like

With enlightenment, you move beyond mere relaxation techniques or positive thinking. Enlightenment is a complete shift of perception, in which you flow with absolute inner freedom in an awareness that [more…]

10 Small Things You Can Do to Uplift Your Life

From a spiritual perspective, small efforts can be as significant as larger ones. Whether you’re cleaning up a piece of garbage from the park, selecting a spiritual book to read, or picking up your child [more…]

10 Spiritual-Sounding Lines and What They May Really Mean

Here are ten lines that may sound spiritual on the surface, but could have other not-so-spiritual meanings. Laughing at the foibles of yourselves and others is part of the cosmic joke, and spiritual efforts [more…]

10 Opportunities to See Your Life with Spiritual Eyes

Life brings a variety of pleasant and challenging experiences: One day everything goes smoothly, but another day is filled with obstacles. One time you are showered with good fortune, but another time [more…]

How to Rise Above Illusions

The following exercise can help you to rise above the illusions of your own life-movie by giving you a way to practice controlling your levels of absorption in the illusions of a theatrical movie. [more…]

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