The Koran

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Discovering More about the Koran

The Islamic tradition describes the Koran as a vast ocean of knowledge that never ceases in its wisdom, no matter how much you study it. You may want to continue investigating the Koran, looking for new [more…]

Mending Misconceptions about the Koran

Oftentimes, misconceptions separate people with differing worldviews, presenting minds and souls with seemingly valid excuses to not engage people of other faiths. Consider these widespread notions about [more…]

Using the Qur'an in Daily Life

Many Muslim children learn to read through the study of the Qur'an. When they grow up, they hear Qur'anic recitations over radio and television. Wherever they look, they see verses from the Qur'an written [more…]

Identifying the Audience for the Koran

The Koran's audience is universal, without limitation on gender, culture, or religious beliefs. However, the Koran specifically addresses six general groups of people in various passages and at varying [more…]

Getting to Know Famous Commentators of the Koran

The day Prophet Muhammad died, the Muslim community faced a state of chaos; for the first time, Muslims had questions that couldn't be answered directly by God through the Prophet. [more…]

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