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A Few Key Figures in the History of Atheism

The history of atheism is filled with important figures — people who have thought outside of the religious box of their times and often used their eloquence and intellect to convince other to do so as [more…]

Different Types of Atheism

Atheism is a big umbrella. There are about as many ways to disbelieve as there are ways to believe — different degrees, different emphases, and different expressions. It covers anyone who doesn’t believe [more…]

The History of Atheism

A lot of people think that atheism is a recent idea. But religious disbelief actually has a long and fascinating history. Just as a student of Christianity would want to know about a few rather significant [more…]

The New Atheism Movement

A movement called The New Atheism was born the moment religion flew planes into buildings on September 11, 2001. Though atheists had been around for centuries, the horror and clarity of that moment, and [more…]

Implicit Versus Explicit Atheism

Labels can be helpful. There are different labels and types of atheism, among them, implicit atheism and explicit atheism. These labels provide a quick and useful shorthand for understanding what a person [more…]

Labels in Atheism

Ask a religious person or an atheist to identify his or her belief and you’re unlikely to hear many different answers. Several labels can easily apply to one person, each emphasizing a different aspect [more…]

Bertrand Russell: Atheist versus Agnostic

British philosopher and self-ascribed agnostic, Bertrand Russell (1872–1970) expressed an idea that is both simple and striking: He felt that all opinions, without exception, should be held [more…]

Religious Atheism

No matter what your perspective, the idea of religious atheism is probably a head-spinner at first. If someone said “religion,” the odds are pretty good that “God” is one of the first related words to [more…]

Atheism and the Bible

Science fiction writer Isaac Asimov calls the Bible “the most potent force for atheism ever conceived” — and many atheists agree. But most people are only familiar with that carefully handpicked sampler [more…]

Atheism and Ethical Behavior

Most religious believers want to live in a world in which people behave ethically. Funny thing…so do most atheists. An ethical society is simply safer, less scary, easier, more satisfying to live in, and [more…]

Atheism’s View of Religion’s Positive Contributions

Some atheists also feel that religion has made no positive contributions to the world. Even atheist Bertrand Russell, a pretty levelheaded guy on most days, credits religion only with establishing the [more…]

The Scientific Revolution and Atheism

There are many key moments in the Scientific Revolution that proved important for later developments in atheism. Without these key moments, atheism would have remained in the starting gate, munching its [more…]

The Clandestine Manuscripts and Atheism

European atheism didn’t start clearing its throat until the mid-1600s. At that time, clandestina, or secret manuscripts appeared. Clandestina are anonymous books challenging the existence of God. [more…]

The Cult of Reason and Atheism

The Cult of Reason was an attempt to organize a civic religion without gods, a kind of atheism, to replace Christianity during the French Revolution. Centered on humanity rather than divinity, the goal [more…]

Atheist Philosophers Who Kill God

Atheist philosophers didn’t really kill God, though Neitzche and Hardy have helped lay God to rest. And though philosophy has been pounding away at religious assumptions for centuries now, science ended [more…]

Early Feminists and Atheism

Outraged by the role religion had played in keeping women in submission, many feminist leaders of the early Feminist movement identified as atheists and agnostics. Almost every traditional religion puts [more…]

John Dewey Redefines God for Humanists and Atheists

A lot of atheists and humanists today are pretty much allergic to religious language and ritual. But John Dewey, writing in the 1930s, was coming from a very different place. [more…]

Percy Shelley’s Necessity of Atheism

Just expressing an atheist opinion out loud was enough to set the wheels of British justice in motion in the 19thcentury. But Shelley went beyond that, arguing that atheism was a [more…]

South Park and Atheism

The edgy and risky animated series South Park sprang from nontheistic heads — in this case, atheists Trey Parker and Matt Stone. For many people, believers and non-believers alike, shows like [more…]

Spiritual Atheism and Andre Comte-Sponville

The title of The Little Book of AtheistSpirituality (Viking) by André Comte- Sponville often draws a chuckle. Some see a contradiction in “atheist spirituality,” whereas others assume the book is a lightweight [more…]

Atheism and the Humanist Bible

British atheist philosopher A.C. Grayling had an arresting thought about creating a Humanist Bible: How would world history have been different if the writers of the Bible used Greek and Roman philosophy [more…]

Atheism around the World

From a country of atheist Lutherans to a province of atheist Catholics, there are some of interesting spots on the globe for religious disbelief. They also have different flavors of atheism. [more…]

Race and Ethnic Changes in Atheism

The gender balance isn’t the only thing that’s shifting in the atheist landscape; in recent years, the movement has also gained a much greater presence of nonwhite nonbelievers. [more…]

Good without God — Atheists and Others

Most atheists will readily admit that a lot of religious believers are good people. From Martin Luther King, Jr. to the Dalai Lama to Mr. Rogers people have no trouble coming up with countless examples [more…]

Common Side Effects of Atheism: Freedom and Relief

Many atheists say after they set side religious beliefs, the experience a similar set of feelings. They report most commonly, freedom and relief.

Some atheists never really had religious beliefs in the [more…]


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