Wedding Reception Planning

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Working with a Catering Manager

Before you can organize a function with food for a big meeting or event, you need to meet with the catering manager (CM) at the facility you've rented or your outside caterer or party planner if you hold [more…]

Questions to Ask Your Wedding Caterer

When planning your wedding reception, it's crucial to ask the right questions of your reception site manager or caterer. Make sure you have all your concerns written down when you meet; you can never ask [more…]

How to Make the Seating Chart for a Wedding Reception

Putting a lot of thought into the seating chart is a good way to make your guests feel special and comfortable. Organizing a seating chart is also an efficient way to avoid confusion and a multitude of [more…]

Deciding Whether to Have Alcohol at a Wedding Reception

Deciding on an open bar, a cash bar or no bar can be tricky. Having an open bar can be quite expensive — not to mention problematic — but asking people to pay for their booze isn’t the best etiquette, [more…]

How to Keep Track of Wedding Gifts

Losing track of wedding gifts and their givers can be a nightmare. The minute you open a wedding gift, write down what it is, who gave it to you and the date. This information can go on an index card with [more…]

Making Arrangements for Children at a Wedding Reception

While a wedding can certainly be considered a wholesome family occasion, you may not want your wedding ceremony interrupted by screaming children or your reception disrupted by kids running around the [more…]

Choosing a Meal Style for Your Wedding Reception

The menu for your wedding reception can be as simple or elaborate as you want it to be, depending on your wedding budget and the style of your party. You might want to stick to simpler dishes for an informal [more…]

How to Arrange Wedding Reception Entertainment

The most popular sources of wedding reception entertainment are disc jockeys and bands. Booking wedding reception entertainment should be one of the first things you do. You'll need to have a good sense [more…]

How to Cut Back a Wedding Guest List

At some point in your wedding-planning process, you’ll undoubtedly have to cut back your guest list. You can almost count on disagreements, so you and your spouse-to-be should remain respectful and understanding [more…]

How Much Liquor to Buy for a Wedding

If you're hosting your wedding in an off-premise facility or your rehearsal dinner at home, you need to know how much liquor to buy. The following table gives the standard amounts needed for a simple bar [more…]

How Much Space Do You Need for Your Wedding?

Figuring out how much space you need for wedding events isn't easy, especially for the reception site, which has to accommodate tables, chairs, bars, open cocktail space, the dance floor, and so on. Here's [more…]

Round-Tablecloth Sizes for Your Wedding Reception

Change the look of your entire wedding reception simply by choosing a floor-length tablecloth. But what size tablecloth will cover those nasty, industrial-looking legs of a typically round banquet table [more…]

How Many Servers Do You Need at Your Wedding Reception?

The number of servers included in your wedding-reception contract will vary depending on the venue, its service standards, and the event's degree of formality,. This table lists the suitable amounts of [more…]

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