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Being the Best Man For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

So you’re best man, congratulations! Worrying about all your roles and responsibilities yet? Don’t be. Follow these quick and simple tips to help you become the best man on the day, even better than the [more…]

Speaking in Public with Confidence

Speaking in public is many people’s idea of a nightmare. Here are some easy hints on how to speak confidently and make an impact with your audience. [more…]

Being the Best Man: Ten Wedding Nightmare Scenarios

In an ideal world, none of the things mentioned in this article would happen. The entire wedding process would go swimmingly, the happy couple would glide into wedded bliss and you would turn out to be [more…]

How to Create a Photo Album on Flickr

Flickr allows you to create an online photo album, download and name your photos. This free photo-sharing site lets you create sets and collections within your photo album by tag, date, event, or whatever [more…]

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