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Action Photography Techniques for Weddings

Action photography relies heavily on the use of the correct shutter speed. A faster shutter speed freezes action, whereas a slower shutter speed blurs motion. When the time comes to capture movement on [more…]

How to Capture Close-Ups in Digital Wedding Photography

Though a wedding has a lot of fast-paced movement for a photographer to capture, it also has quiet times that present golden opportunities for some really great photos. Some of the most iconic pictures [more…]

How to Group Your Digital Wedding Photos with Adobe Lightroom

When editing your digital wedding photographs, establishing a sense of order with your images enables you to find specific photos quickly. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom has a wonderful feature called Collections [more…]

Just What Does an Usher Do at a Wedding?

The date is set, the venue is booked and you’ve chosen your ushers. But what exactly are their duties? Is it just a matter of looking smart in their suits? Fear not, for we have a guide on what to expect [more…]

7 Tips for Doing a Faultless Wedding Ceremony Reading

Being asking to present a wedding reading is quite an honour, and you may well be feeling privileged and proud. As with any presentation you make – whether for work or pleasure – the key to success in [more…]

A Few Words about Wedding Toasts

Traditionally, the reception includes three speeches: father of the bride, groom and best man (in that order). Each of these speakers concludes his speech with a suitable toast: [more…]

10 Great Little Wedding Touches that Count

Every bride and groom wants their wedding to be super stylish and, let’s be honest, different to their friends’ recent weddings. Gone are the days of the formula-led wedding, of booking suppliers but not [more…]

Making a Bride’s Emergency Kit

No, we’re not talking defibrillators, we’re talking about a bag of items that you may desperately need during the wedding day. What if someone treads on your dress and leaves a mark? What if the wasps [more…]

Laying On the Right Number of Drinks for Each Wedding Guest

Confused about how much guests should have to drink on your wedding day? Use this helpful little table to act ever-so-knowledgeable in venue planning meetings. [more…]

Knowing How Many Wedding Guests to Seat at Each Table

Here are some guidelines for working out how many guests to seat at your tables. The lower guest number is comfortable, whereas the higher is a little more of a squeeze. [more…]

Choosing the Right Size Tablecloths for Your Wedding Reception

Nothing’s worse than ill-fitting linen on a table, so always ask to see the linen and ask what the dimensions are. Here’s a guideline on recommended sizes for most common-sized tables [more…]

Ensuring You Have Enough Servers at Your Wedding Reception

Never assume a caterer will bring the correct number of waiters/waitresses to service your wedding efficiently. Use this chart (based on 100 guests) as a guideline in your planning meetings. [more…]

Doing Good While Getting Hitched

Here are some ways to spread the love you’re feeling (and feel better about spending all that money) as you work your way through planning your wedding: [more…]

Wedding Planning For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

Planning a wedding takes hours of your time, with suppliers to source, a design to dream up and hundreds of decisions to make. Suddenly, you have to think about what size tables and linen you need, how [more…]

How to Choose an Engagement Ring

Brought to you by [more…]

How to Create a Photo Album on Flickr

Flickr allows you to create an online photo album, download and name your photos. This free photo-sharing site lets you create sets and collections within your photo album by tag, date, event, or whatever [more…]

The Royal Wedding For Dummies

The royal wedding will be the event of 2011 and The Royal Wedding For Dummies features a fresh, fun look at the occasion. This ultimate guide to the big day is packed with facts about the guests, the locations [more…]

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