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How Many Servers Do You Need at Your Wedding Reception?

The number of servers included in your wedding-reception contract will vary depending on the venue, its service standards, and the event's degree of formality,. This table lists the suitable amounts of [more…]

Wedding Planning For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Planning a wedding involves hundreds of decisions, from calculating how much liquor to buy to figuring out how much space and how many servers you need for your reception. You also want to be prepared [more…]

Being the Best Man: Ten Wedding Nightmare Scenarios

In an ideal world, none of the things mentioned in this article would happen. The entire wedding process would go swimmingly, the happy couple would glide into wedded bliss and you would turn out to be [more…]

How to Make Complexions Flawless in Wedding Photos

You should be sure to smooth the skin of your subjects in your digital wedding photography editing, especially if the photo is a close-up. You can smooth skin a gazillion different ways, but here is a [more…]

How to Correct White Balance in Digital Wedding Photographs

If you’re new to digital photo editing, you may not know where to start on any particular photo from your wedding shoot. Starting with white balance allows you to adjust the overall color of your image [more…]

How to Watermark Your Wedding Photographs

If you plan to use your wedding images online, you should be sure to watermark your photos. Any time you publish your photos on the web, there’s always a chance that your images will be stolen or used [more…]

How to Send Wedding Photography Clients’ Images through PASS

PASS is a program used for sharing your digital photography online and allows you to quickly upload an entire wedding and immediately share it with your clients. [more…]

How to Retouch Digital Wedding Photography

As you retouch your digital wedding photos, it is important to remember that you don’t want your edits to be obvious. The goal in this process is to tweak an image just enough that it improves the final [more…]

How to Sharpen Digital Wedding Photography Images for Print

Even if you have a steady hand, at times in your digital wedding photography career, you’ll have images turn out softer (that is, a bit more blurry) than you’d prefer. Thankfully, Photoshop has the ability [more…]

How to Mix Styles to Create a Story with Your Wedding Photography

Though it happens occasionally, you’ll rarely come across a wedding photographer who works exclusively with a single style. Photographers more commonly create their own hybrid of styles to suit their needs [more…]

How to Choose Which Wedding Photography Images to Eliminate

One of the biggest benefits of using digital photography for weddings as opposed to film photography is that you can take a ton of pictures without worrying about using up expensive film. You can easily [more…]

How to Photograph the Wedding Party and Families

Wedding party and family portraits give you the chance to let your photographic artistry shine. You want to make sure you get good portraits for the bride and groom to remember their special day. [more…]

How to Handle Stiffness and Stress in a Wedding Photography Shoot

Portraits are an important and time-consuming part of the photography lineup for a wedding day, and you and the couple may have trouble relaxing. The following tips can help you reduce awkwardness or tension [more…]

How to Photograph the Wedding Preparation

The photographs of the bride and groom getting ready for the wedding are the introduction to the wedding story you’re documenting as wedding photographer. In this scene, the different characters are revealed [more…]

How to Photograph the Wedding Ceremony

The primary scene for wedding photography is always the ceremony. This scene includes the climax of the wedding day plot: the moment the couple says “I do” and is formally introduced as husband and wife [more…]

How to Photograph the Wedding Reception

The reception is the final scene of the wedding, in which the photographic story moves toward the “happily ever after” ending. As you shoot this last part of the wedding, keep the purpose of the scene [more…]

How to Take Charge as a Wedding Photographer

As the wedding photographer, your job is to help the formal portraits flow as smoothly as possible. You can lay much of the groundwork in the months before the actual wedding date as you communicate with [more…]

How to Capture Bride and Groom Portraits

As you begin taking the formal portraits as a wedding photographer, have fun. This part of the day is where you have the most interaction with your clients. Talk and laugh with the couple while you’re [more…]

How to Photograph the Couple’s First Look before the Wedding

The First Look is a private moment when the bride and groom see each other before the wedding ceremony. Typically, the wedding photographer is present to capture the moment. Usually, the groom has his [more…]

How to Adjust the Tone in Wedding Photography Edits

In digital wedding photography, you'll very likely have to adjust the tone of your image(s). Tone deals with the range of the darkest to lightest parts of your picture and is one of the most crucial elements [more…]

How to Boost Color and Adjust Clarity in Wedding Photography Edits

Color and clarity adjustments can be found under the Basic editing panel under Presence. Boosting the color and clarity are often the final editing touches and can bring a lot of life to a picture [more…]

A Few Considerations for the Final Edits of Wedding Photographs

The way you digitally save an image from your wedding photography collection changes slightly based on how you’ll use the photo. Resolution, image size, file format, and watermarking are all affected by [more…]

How to Export Images from Adobe Lightroom for Your Wedding Photography Business

After you decide exactly how you want your wedding photographs to be used, you’re ready to actually save your images. In Lightroom, the process of saving your photos is called [more…]

How to Consult with the Couple on Wedding Photography Proofs

If you’ve decided that your policy for wedding photography is to allow your couple to choose the images to go into the wedding album or to make any revisions to a predesigned album, the first step in the [more…]

How to Create an Album of the Wedding Photography

After the photographs for the wedding album have been chosen and have gone through a final edit, you’re ready to begin the actual album design. The process includes everything from choosing an album style [more…]


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