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Use Variety to Improve Your Sex Life

Variety makes life more interesting. If you always go to the same restaurant, that repetition can get boring, and boredom doesn’t help keep those romantic fires burning. By trying a new place, you get [more…]

6 Dumb Things People Believe about Sex

Stereotypes and conventional wisdom are sometimes hard to ignore, especially when about sex. Movies and TV, our friends and peers, and a variety of other things give everyone some pretty unrealistic expectations [more…]

Sex For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Whether you consider yourself a Don Juan, a Lady Chatterly, or a sexual novice, everybody can get the most pleasure out of sex with a little more knowledge. You should know that foreplay is something you [more…]

Symptoms that Say ‘Menopause is Coming’

For the majority of women, symptoms of menopause (which you experience because your hormones are becoming unbalanced) start appearing before periods come to a stop. Check this list, and if you find that [more…]

The Five-Step Programme for Getting through Menopause

Some women barely realise that menopause is upon them. Other women, however, are less fortunate. If you’re one of the latter, take on board these few ways to make your experience easier on yourself: [more…]

Menopause-Related Words and Meanings

Although this is far from being a complete list of terms that you might hear being used when the menopause is being discussed, the following five essential terms should help you to understand the basics [more…]

Hot Flushes and Menopause

Because many women only start thinking about menopause when they start getting hot flushes, here are a few quick tips for dealing with this menopause-related symptom: [more…]

Menopause For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

Menopause signals the end of the reproductive phase of your life and so is a significant time of physical, emotional and mental change for many women but, for generations, women of all ages have wandered [more…]

What Does It Mean To Be Transgender?

Terms such as transgender and gender identity have been in the news a lot recently. Awareness of gender diversity and transgender people has increased dramatically — in health care, in the media, and the [more…]


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