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Feeding the Crowd at a Family Reunion

Cooking a meal for a large group (family reunion or otherwise) takes planning and stamina. Here's a handy guide to food quantities and food safety, and advice on organizing a potluck party. [more…]

Laying the Groundwork for a Family Reunion

Having a clear vision of what your family reunion will be like helps to avoid confusion during the reunion planning. Use your vision to guide you in selecting the date, time, and place, and to pinpoint [more…]

Family Reunion Crash Course: Family Dynamics

Your family members have unique personalities and sometimes these personalities can clash — big time. Clashing personalities can result in hard feelings and unexpected reactions among family members. This [more…]

Making Your Family Reunion Memories Last a Lifetime

The older generations have a habit of slipping away when you least expect it. While you have the old-timers together at the family reunion, record their personal histories to share with future generations [more…]

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