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How to Protect Your Children from Cyberbullies

Discussions about cyberbullying should happen in all homes, hopefully before an incident of cyberbullying makes the discussion necessary. However, for many tweens and teens, cyberbullying is an uncomfortable [more…]

How to Prevent Your Child from Becoming a Cyberbully

To help prevent your child from being a cyberbully, know the signs that she may be engaging in this activity online, as well as what to do if she is. Your children becoming the victim of a cyberbully is [more…]

Age-Appropriate Discussions to Have with Your Children about Cyberbullies

Just as your family rules should include different rules for children of different ages, your family discussions about cyberbullying will change based on the ages of your children. Depending on their age [more…]

How to Research Your Child’s Social Media Platform

Even though social media sites created specifically for children typically follow rules in place to protect children, you should research each platform before allowing your children to create an account [more…]

How to Access Your Children’s Social Media Profile Information

Maintaining access to your children’s profile information not only protects them from sharing too much or inappropriate information, but also guides them as they craft a positive, early digital presence [more…]

Should You Allow Facebook Applications to Access Your Child’s Information?

Consider the effect that the use of Facebook applications will have on the privacy of your child’s account information. Apps include popular games (such as FarmVille) as well as popular quiz-taking and [more…]

How to Customize Your YouTube Settings for Safety

One of the main reasons to create a YouTube channel is to gain access to customized settings, which determine the privacy level of your profile information and your channel’s content. These settings not [more…]

How to Use YouTube Safety Mode to Protect Your Children

Because YouTube hosts a seemingly unlimited variety of video content, take advantage of the parental control option, Safety Mode, which sports multiple features parents can use to protect their children [more…]

How to Use YouTube’s Privacy Options to Protect Your Children

When you upload a video to YouTube, you have the option to make the video private or public. Public videos can be viewed by anyone searching for content on YouTube. Electing to make a video private does [more…]

Help Your Kids Blog Safely

Parents supporting their kids’ blogging goals should gain a basic understanding of blogging to both guide their budding authors and also help protect their safety online. The following fundamentals provide [more…]

How to Make Your Child’s Blog Private

Even if your child wants to create a blog and you’re okay with that, this doesn’t mean that the blog needs to be available for anyone to see and read. If you’re not okay with “going all public,” you can [more…]

Safety Concerns for Your Child’s Blog

The life of a digitally connected child can be rewarding but also risky due to the safety issues that stem from a child creating a blog, a public profile and interacting via that profile with strangers [more…]

Kids as Online Entrepreneurs

Living in a digital world allows kids unlimited possibilities in terms of entrepreneurship. This digital age provides kids with a unique skill set with the opportunity to share that skill with others, [more…]

Handheld Game Devices for Your Digital Family

Handheld gaming devices are a constant in today’s digital world. Knowing the specifics can help you make a better choice for your kids. Here is an overview of current handheld game devices, including price [more…]

Tablets for Your Digital Family

Tablets are becoming increasingly popular in today’s technological world. It’s important to know what is available when choosing a tablet for your family. Here are four basic kinds of tablets to choose [more…]

Tablet Apps and Features for Your Kids

There are tons of applications and features available for tablets. Here are some of the top applications available for children and teens on Android-based tablets, Android platform e-readers, and the Apple [more…]

At What Age Should You Get Your Child a Mobile Phone?

As parents, you have some difficult decisions to make regarding your children, including when they should get a mobile phone. A study published by AT&T [more…]

Mobile Phone Options for Your Children

If you decide that your child should have a mobile phone but he doesn’t need smartphone functionality, you may want to purchase a feature phone with limited functions. Don’t get “sold” that the only phones [more…]

When to Allow Text, Data, and Applications on Your Child’s Mobile Phone

If you choose to purchase a phone for your child with texting and data capabilities, you need to decide the right time to allow access to these additional features. First, consider the additional cost [more…]

How to Prepare Your Child for Safe Mobile Phone Use

If you determine that your child is old enough to have a mobile device of their own, here are some steps that you can take to help ensure safe use of the device: [more…]

Tools to Monitor and Restrict Content and Usage Amounts on Your Child’s Mobile Phone

If you want more control or monitoring options for your child’s mobile device consider purchasing parental control software or applications. You can find programs to monitor and control usage, block content [more…]

How to Use Parental Controls on Android and Apple Phones

Phones operating on both the Android operating system (OS) and Apple OS (iOS) have native parental controls that can be activated prior to turning the phone over to your child. [more…]

SmartPhone Parental Control Options Through Your Service Provider

Providing children with their first smartphone can be anxiety-causing for many parents, but you can find many tools available through service providers to help parents protect not only their children, [more…]

Mobile Phone Safety Concerns

Many parents think about mobile phones and safety together because chances are that they purchased a mobile phone for their children for safety reasons. Although having the ability to call emergency services [more…]

Online Tools for Family Management

Online tools and downloadable apps are available for everything from potty training to chore chart creation. Some resources specialize in one area of family management, and many others help with a variety [more…]


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