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Ten Digital Safety Tips for Parents

It’s important to set clear rules for every aspect of your family’s safety regarding your fast-paced, plugged-in life. It’s time to take a step back and promote digital safety within your family without [more…]

Ten Social Networks for Kids

With social media infiltrating nearly every aspect of the Internet, it’s no surprise that you can find social networks created specifically for children. These sites mimic adult platforms, but they offer [more…]

How to Set Screen Locks for Child Protection

Screen locks require anyone attempting to gain access to a family phone or tablet to input a predetermined set of information. Setting a screen lock not only prevents those without the password from using [more…]

How to Set the GPS for Your Child’s Phone

GPS capability is an important setting to consider when setting up your teen’s smartphone. GPS allows your teen’s smartphone location — and, therefore, your child’s location — to be tracked by everything [more…]

How to Change the Privacy Settings on Your Family’s Web Browser

Your family’s web browser is a key location to ensuring the digital privacy of your family. Websites install cookieson your browser that track what you and your children do on that computer. [more…]

Parental Tools to Monitor and Protect Your Digital Family

When deciding whether monitoring tools and protective software are right for you and your family, keep in mind the ways to help your children stay safe online without taking this next step: [more…]

How You Can Protect Your Children from Digital Threats

As a parent, you also play a very important role in helping to protect your children. Even after you talk to your kids about online predators and set guidelines, here are steps you can take to ensure that [more…]

How to Protect Your Children from Digital Identity Theft

Most adults probably don’t realize that children can also be victims of identity theft. According to BloombergBusinessweek, child identity theft has become the fastest growing type of identity theft. The [more…]

Help Your Child Create an Appropriate Online Persona

With a child’s digital footprint following teens as they seek jobs and entrance into college, they must think carefully about the online persona that they’re creating. Posting appropriate profile pictures [more…]

How to Find and Track Your Child’s Hidden Digital Time

To accurately assess the amount of screen time your child is experiencing, you need to first find and then track hidden or unexpected screen time in your child’s day. In a variety of locations, children [more…]

What Parents Should Know about Facebook Games

More than one-half of Facebook’s one billion account holders report playing Facebook games. These game applications require access to your Facebook account — and thus might be a privacy concern for you [more…]

What Parents Should Know about Game Ratings

The primary game rating system in the United States and Canada is the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), which is a nonprofit, self-regulatory body that assigns content ratings for video games [more…]

How to Use Parental Controls on the Wii

The Wii can be loads of fun without the worry. The Wii allows you to access parental controls, accessed via password, to manage everything from online purchases through Wi-Fi to the game ratings that may [more…]

How to Use Parental Controls on the PS3

The PS3 gives parents a good level of control and ability to modify what your children can do. The following content can be restricted via the Parental Controls settings on the PS3: [more…]

How to Use Parental Controls on the Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 is a popular gaming console, but as parents, you need to know what your child can do and how to limit that access when it becomes necessary to do so. The parental controls provide a few different [more…]

Potential Chat Room Dangers for Children

As a parent, you will want to pay close attention to the risks specifically associated with participating in chat rooms, message boards, and private chats. Consider the following, and discuss these potential [more…]

Family Rules for Chat and IM

If your family decides that your children may participate in online chats and IM, set guidelines for the use of these platforms and include these guidelines in your Digital Family Policy. Here are some [more…]

How to Disable Your Family’s Search Engine Personalization

Both Google and Bing retain information on your browser regarding past searches and use this personalized information to influence future search results. Both search engines can integrate social media [more…]

Help Your Children Distinguish Sponsored Search Results from Unsponsored

Knowing the difference between sponsored and unsponsored results is helpful for kids trying to navigate the web. Even with personalized search results disabled and such tools as PageRank and the Bing Best [more…]

How to Use Kid-Safe Search Filters

Not only do major Internet search tools offer filters and settings to protect your family, but a variety of supplementary tools are available that you can use to monitor and screen the search results that [more…]

Internet Search Options that Are Safe for Children

A variety of platforms, tools, and applications have been created with the express purpose of allowing kids to safely search the Internet. The following are some of the options for parents who would like [more…]

How to Change Settings to Avoid Pop-Ups

You may know from experience that certain sites your children go to cause pop-up ads to appear. If that’s the case, ask your kids to avoid those sites to protect your computer and private information. [more…]

The Dangers of Unknown Links

Certainly many text ad links that appear on sites aimed at kids are harmless, but potential dangers are associated with kids clicking links. One possibility is that the link is actually part of a phishing [more…]

How to Prevent and Report Malware and Phishing

Phishing and malware scams can be a potential digital danger to your kids. Phishing scams trick the victim into providing identifying information that can be used to do a number of things including: stealing [more…]

Signs Your Child is a Victim of Cyberbullies

Even with the creation of a Digital Family Policy, parental supervision, and safety settings in place, your children may still be the victims of cyberbullying. Keep a keen eye for signs that your children [more…]


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