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Raising Digital Families For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Safely parenting children in this digital age can be overwhelming. The technology, applications, and devices that your family uses may be unfamiliar to you, but you need to be aware of the challenges and [more…]

Talk to Your Kids about Cyberbullying

While understanding cyberbullying is a great first step towards prevention, it remains important for you to talk to your children directly about cyberbullying. The following are some guidelines to assist [more…]

How COPPA Affects Your Family

The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), a federal law passed in 2008, gives parents control over what information is collected about their children online. Websites geared towards children [more…]

A Selection of Tablet Apps for Kids

Have you finally given in and agreed to share your tablet with your children? The next step is to locate the best apps to download so that every member of your family is happy. Here are some of the best [more…]

How Educational Websites Can Boost Your Child’s School Performance

The dangers of the online world have been greatly debated in educational, medical, and parenting communities for years. While concerns about too much screen time, social media addiction, and a sedentary [more…]

Ten Blogs for Parents

There is virtually no end to the number of blogs and websites covering the latest technology from devices to online safety. Here you will find ten of the best blogs that focus on tech through the lens [more…]

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