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Raising Children

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Baby Signing for the Great Outdoors

Making baby signs for the outdoors is something that a child will do enthusiastically. There's a whole world of learning outside, and babies seem to instinctively know that. [more…]

Some Basic Signs to Teach Baby

Babies and toddlers can use some basic signs when you leave them with a caregiver or pick them up, when they learns who's who in a family, and when they want to melt your heart by showing they love you [more…]

Baby Signing for Mealtime

Mealtime signs can prevent frustration for babies and toddlers (and you!) if they know how to express their needs. Baby signing during meals means less cleanup time [more…]

Baby Signing For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Baby signing builds a bridge between you and your hearing baby or toddler. When baby knows how to sign before he or she can speak, it reduces frustration all around. Teach your child some basic signs for [more…]

Raising Digital Families For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Safely parenting children in this digital age can be overwhelming. The technology, applications, and devices that your family uses may be unfamiliar to you, but you need to be aware of the challenges and [more…]

Talk to Your Kids about Cyberbullying

While understanding cyberbullying is a great first step towards prevention, it remains important for you to talk to your children directly about cyberbullying. The following are some guidelines to assist [more…]

How COPPA Affects Your Family

The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), a federal law passed in 2008, gives parents control over what information is collected about their children online. Websites geared towards children [more…]

A Selection of Tablet Apps for Kids

Have you finally given in and agreed to share your tablet with your children? The next step is to locate the best apps to download so that every member of your family is happy. Here are some of the best [more…]

How Educational Websites Can Boost Your Child’s School Performance

The dangers of the online world have been greatly debated in educational, medical, and parenting communities for years. While concerns about too much screen time, social media addiction, and a sedentary [more…]

Ten Blogs for Parents

There is virtually no end to the number of blogs and websites covering the latest technology from devices to online safety. Here you will find ten of the best blogs that focus on tech through the lens [more…]

Ten Digital Safety Tips for Parents

It’s important to set clear rules for every aspect of your family’s safety regarding your fast-paced, plugged-in life. It’s time to take a step back and promote digital safety within your family without [more…]

Ten Social Networks for Kids

With social media infiltrating nearly every aspect of the Internet, it’s no surprise that you can find social networks created specifically for children. These sites mimic adult platforms, but they offer [more…]

How to Set Screen Locks for Child Protection

Screen locks require anyone attempting to gain access to a family phone or tablet to input a predetermined set of information. Setting a screen lock not only prevents those without the password from using [more…]

How to Set the GPS for Your Child’s Phone

GPS capability is an important setting to consider when setting up your teen’s smartphone. GPS allows your teen’s smartphone location — and, therefore, your child’s location — to be tracked by everything [more…]

How to Change the Privacy Settings on Your Family’s Web Browser

Your family’s web browser is a key location to ensuring the digital privacy of your family. Websites install cookieson your browser that track what you and your children do on that computer. [more…]

Parental Tools to Monitor and Protect Your Digital Family

When deciding whether monitoring tools and protective software are right for you and your family, keep in mind the ways to help your children stay safe online without taking this next step: [more…]

How You Can Protect Your Children from Digital Threats

As a parent, you also play a very important role in helping to protect your children. Even after you talk to your kids about online predators and set guidelines, here are steps you can take to ensure that [more…]

How to Protect Your Children from Digital Identity Theft

Most adults probably don’t realize that children can also be victims of identity theft. According to BloombergBusinessweek, child identity theft has become the fastest growing type of identity theft. The [more…]

Help Your Child Create an Appropriate Online Persona

With a child’s digital footprint following teens as they seek jobs and entrance into college, they must think carefully about the online persona that they’re creating. Posting appropriate profile pictures [more…]

How to Find and Track Your Child’s Hidden Digital Time

To accurately assess the amount of screen time your child is experiencing, you need to first find and then track hidden or unexpected screen time in your child’s day. In a variety of locations, children [more…]

What Parents Should Know about Facebook Games

More than one-half of Facebook’s one billion account holders report playing Facebook games. These game applications require access to your Facebook account — and thus might be a privacy concern for you [more…]

What Parents Should Know about Game Ratings

The primary game rating system in the United States and Canada is the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), which is a nonprofit, self-regulatory body that assigns content ratings for video games [more…]

How to Use Parental Controls on the Wii

The Wii can be loads of fun without the worry. The Wii allows you to access parental controls, accessed via password, to manage everything from online purchases through Wi-Fi to the game ratings that may [more…]

How to Use Parental Controls on the PS3

The PS3 gives parents a good level of control and ability to modify what your children can do. The following content can be restricted via the Parental Controls settings on the PS3: [more…]

How to Use Parental Controls on the Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 is a popular gaming console, but as parents, you need to know what your child can do and how to limit that access when it becomes necessary to do so. The parental controls provide a few different [more…]


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