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Ages and Stages of Your Child's Development

As your child gets older, she develops new skills and abilities. The following table provides a general overview of what you might find your child doing at a certain age. It’s important to note that this [more…]

Being a Great Dad For Dummies Cheat Sheet (Australian Edition)

Being a great dad takes patience and perseverance, but is a heap of fun and one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do. Your child will love every minute you spend with her, whether you’re changing [more…]

A Baby-Proofing Checklist

Not all safety measures need to be in place by the time baby comes home from the hospital. But before the first six months are up, you’ll need to make sure to baby-proof with some basic safeguards installed [more…]

Getting the Kids to Exercise

Helping your kids get off the couch and in shape prepares them to become healthy adults. Here’s how to tap into children’s natural love of movement and get the whole family in shape: [more…]

Guide to Children’s Health Symptoms

Use this handy list as a quick guide to what certain symptoms may mean for your children's health. This list is not exhaustive, however, and other problems could be the cause, so seek medical advice for [more…]

Detecting Signs of Trouble in Kids for Early Intervention

Detecting problems early makes a world of difference. Kids who receive early intervention improve more rapidly and successfully than those whose problems lie unaddressed for years. The following signs [more…]

Four Goals of Successful Childhood

Parents, teachers, grandparents, and child-care givers all want to help children thrive. They can do this job best if they keep in mind what the most important challenges of childhood are all about. Therefore [more…]

Tips for Parents to Guide Child Development

Parents’ work never stops. Parents usually do the best job with their kids that they can. Here are a few tips to help them along: [more…]

Teachers Shape Kids: Praising Kids in the Classroom

Teachers can improve the motivation of their students if they praise them often for doing the right things. Effective praise has four major elements, including [more…]

Child Psychology & Development For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Kids grow and develop in many ways. For the people who choose to care for children — from parents to teachers to childcare workers – keeping tabs on normal childhood development, spotting signs of trouble [more…]

What to Do when Baby Is Crying

When rocking a crying baby doesn't soothe and quiet the little one, what's a parent to do? Use this easy flowchart to figure out your next move. You'll notice that at one point it says that babies just [more…]

General Parenting Tips

Let's face it, parenting is hard work, and any help you can get is great! Take a look at these parenting tips so you can be an effective and happy parent and do it consistently with enthusiasm: [more…]

Important Phone Numbers for Parents

One thing you can do as a parent is to be prepared for an emergency before it happens. Fill out a list with these important phone numbers and post it in the house so it's visible, preferably near each [more…]

The Ten Parenting Commandments

Once you become a parent, your job has important duties (whether you want them or not): Take good care of your child, keep them safe, and develop a good relationship. A few basic rules apply and must be [more…]

Parenting For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Following some helpful advice about parenting will help you keep your cool and forge ahead with enthusiasm even when the going gets rough. In case of a family emergency, make sure you have a list handy [more…]

How to Save Money on Back-to-School Supplies

Buying school supplies at the end of the summer is an unavoidable and costly task. Learn how to save money on back-to-school supplies with these tricks for buying school supplies on the cheap, for students [more…]

Back-to-School Shopping Goes Green

Tap into eco-friendly school supplies for your student this fall. Taking a green approach to back-to-school shopping might help save some trees and teach your kids about the environment. To fill your school-supply [more…]

Where to Find Cheap School Supplies

It’s one thing to say that you can find cheap back-to-school supplies; it’s another to actually buyschool supplies while saving money. With thousands of places to buy supplies both online and in brick-and-mortar [more…]

How to Use Food Stamps (the SNAP Card)

The federal Food Stamp Program is now called SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program); and instead of issuing paper food stamp coupons, SNAP recipients get an EBT [more…]

Teaching Children about Money

As an adult, you need to model good money-management behaviors for children and involve them as much as possible in your decisions about money. Here are some ways you can interact with your children to [more…]

Spotting Dyslexia Warning Signs

A person with dyslexia struggles on a long-term basis with written (and sometimes spoken) words, even though she’s bright (or extra bright) in other areas. A whole cocktail of symptoms tells a psychologist [more…]

Engaging a Child with Dyslexia in Memorising, Visualising and Rhyming

A child with dyslexia struggles to remember how words are put together in print, but rhyming and visualisation strategies can help her. When she turns letters into lively, more concrete characters, she [more…]

Helping your Child with Dyslexia to Pick Up Phonics

In straightforward terms, phonics means ‘sounds of language’ and your child needs to know these. One way to do this is the teaching method in which you show your child that letters and groups of letters [more…]

Disciplining Your Children

Managing your children’s behaviour takes hard work, persistence, dedication, a sense of perspective and a healthy sense of humour! Here are some quick tips for when you’re about to really lose your rag [more…]

Tips for Creating a ‘We’ Mentality for Your Family

A ‘we’ mentality is a sense of personal family identity in contrast to a ‘me’ mentality of individualism. A ‘we’ mentality builds trust, support, loyalty, love and a true foundation for security and self-esteem [more…]


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