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Your Baby's First Year: Dealing with Caretaker Conflicts

You love your parents — you really do. But why do they insist on feeding Baby ice cream and candy when they baby-sit? You've made it very clear that you're concerned about milk allergies during the first [more…]

Exploring Why Baby Isn't Signing Back

Baby is busy right now. She's learning to sit up, crawl, and walk — or some combination thereof. Perhaps he has a lot on his mind, and his attention may be focused elsewhere. If your baby isn't signing [more…]

It's a Wonderful World: International Adoptions

A growing number of American families adopt internationally every year. Some of the most popular countries for international adoptions are China, Guatemala [more…]

Getting Your Toddler to Exercise Outdoors

Getting your toddler outdoors to exercise is like getting a bird to fly — it’s just so natural that many kids wouldn’t dream of not doing it. Consider, for example, the following outdoor games kids are [more…]

Convincing Your Preteen to Exercise

How do you get your preteen (or tween) to exercise, when hanging out at the mall with friends is the order of the day? The answer lies in how you present exercise to your child. Try the following: [more…]

How to Use Exercise to Connect with Your Teenager

By their teenage years, your kids have settled into a routine — often either as active teenagers who participate in several school sports or as couch potatoes. If your teen is of the inactive variety, [more…]

Getting the Most from Your Autistic Child's Educational Experience

Your child with autism can thrive in school. You may need to be more involved in the educational process of your autistic child than with an unaffected child, but the rewards of that extra investment can [more…]

Phone Numbers to Have Handy during Your Baby’s First Year

As a new parent, you’re nervous enough during your baby’s first year, and the last thing you need is to not be able to find a phone number when you need it. Make a list of key phone numbers and post it [more…]

Baby Emergencies: When to Call the Doctor Right Away

Your baby’s first year is a time of wonder, joy, and uncertainty. You’ll learn not to panic every time your baby cries, but there are times when your bundle of joy needs a doctor’s attention right away [more…]

Tears during the First Year: What's Causing Baby to Cry?

During your baby’s first year, you’re still getting used to her needs, her moods, and her method of communication — which most often is a healthy yell. No need to panic, just run through the following [more…]

Affirmations to Use during Your Baby’s First Year

Being a new parent can make you feel more than a little frazzled. During your baby’s first year, take advantage of whatever helps, including the affirmations in the following list. Repeat them whenever [more…]

Your Baby’s First Year For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Your baby’s first year is a precious time that will pass all too quickly — in retrospect. To help calm your new-parent jitters, cover the basics: Make sure that you have a list of essential phone numbers [more…]

Caring For Your Baby Post-IVF

When you’ve waited long and tried hard to have a baby, you feel ecstatic when IVF works for you. But even after IVF, you find that caring for a new baby is hard work. Here’s some advice to help you survive [more…]

How to Keep Potty Training Working

Potty training can be frustrating for both you and your toddler. Success comes when you keep your expectations realistic and your attitude positive. Use the tips in the following list to help make your [more…]

Five Potty-Training Myths

Potty training has a long, long history — the first babies on the planet were potty trained. In that long history, a lot of myths have sprung up, although many of the most prevalent seem to be modern creations [more…]

Signs that Your Potty-Training Toddler Needs to See a Doctor

Potty training forces you and your toddler to focus on waste elimination — a normal yet often messy process. Sometimes, this focus on toilet habits can bring to light issues that need the attention of [more…]

Signs that Your Toddler Is Almost Potty Trained

Your toddler will eventually be potty trained, and maybe sooner than you expect if you can devote a weekend to the training process. Recognize your child’s small successes, and know that when you start [more…]

Signs that Your Child Is Ready for Potty Training

Having a potty-trained toddler is a day every parent longs for, but you can’t rush the process. Wait for signs that your child is ready to tackle this big challenge. Watch for the signs in the following [more…]

Potty-Training Steps in a Nutshell

Potty training can be broken down into steps, just like any other learning process. The first step is to choose a weekend to devote to getting your child potty-trained, one that you and your child can [more…]

Potty Training For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Potty training is an important step in childhood development. As a parent, you need to recognize the signs that your child is ready for the toilet talk, institute a potty-training process, keep that process [more…]

How to Talk to Your Daughter about Her Period

Talking about the miracle of menstruation is a necessary part of helping your daughter make the transition from little girl to young woman. While the thought of discussing such a personal matter can leave [more…]

Changing a Nappy Step-by-Step

Changing a baby’s nappy (or diaper) requires attention to details and to baby. The two most important rules for safe and stress-free nappy changing are: [more…]

Soothing a Crying Baby

Babies cry for lots of different reasons and respond differently to soothing techniques, such as the following. Find out what works for your wee one: [more…]

Activities for You to Share with Your Baby

As well as having fun with bub, you’ll be developing his abilities and muscles when you try the following activities. Both you and baby can benefit! [more…]

Activities to Enjoy with Your Toddler

Activities that stimulate and develop your toddler’s senses, imagination, coordination and other skills can also be great fun — for you and your child. Try the following:     [more…]


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