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Getting an Older Toddler to Stay in Bed

A big challenge in helping older toddlers get to sleep is managing their interest in leaving their room. If your toddler doesn't stay put when you tuck him in, you have several choices: [more…]

Picking a Potty Chair

Keep an open mind as you check out your potty-chair choices: seats that attach to the big toilet, little potty chairs — and don't forget that you can always use that hand-me-down chair [more…]

Addressing the Great Diaper Dilemma

The freckle-faced kid at the checkout counter asks, "Paper or plastic?" You seem to lose with either choice: Do you want to use paper and kill a tree to take home your groceries, or do you want to use [more…]

Using a Pacifier as a Sleep Aid for Your Child

A baby's very survival depends on feeding, so the urge to suck is a powerful one. Many babies become frantic if they go for very long without something to suck on. Enter the pacifier — with lots of big [more…]

Adoption Facts: Understanding the Birthfather's Rights

Many adoptions take place without involving the birthfather in any way. He might not receive any counseling, choose the adoptive parents, meet the adoptive parents, see the baby, or sign any papers. But [more…]

Bonding with Your Baby

Many new parents, upon arriving home with their babies, are in awe of the responsibility of parenthood and — to be perfectly honest — terrified by it. If you know many couples who have had children, chances [more…]

Dealing with a Child Who Is a Picky Eater

If you end up with a child who is a picky eater, you can put to work some important tactics as you continue to feed and work with your finicky child. In fact, dealing with selective eaters can be frustrating [more…]

Your Baby's First Year: Coping with Crying

Every baby cries — some just cry more often and more intensely than others. Your infant, as intelligent as he is, doesn't have the capacity to communicate with you at this point in time except through [more…]

Moving Your Baby to Solid Foods

Naturally, you may get a lot of conflicting advice, such as Aunt Wanda's persistent instructions to start feeding your baby table food at 2 months old, but the age actually differs. You may wonder when [more…]

Exploring Sleep Solutions for Twins

If you have twins, you need all the help you can get, especially at bedtime. Twins often have special sleep issues (for instance, many are premature or smaller-than-average and need extra feedings). They [more…]

Searching for a Reputable Adoption Agency

When looking for an adoption agency, your goal is to find one that is honest, ethical, and licensed; has several years of experience; and places many children each year. You want the staff to be competent [more…]

Single-Parenting Skill: Really Listening to Your Children

Each of your children is a one-of-a-kind person. Don't make the mistake of lumping them into a one-size-fits-all relationship. You need to handle each child's idiosyncrasies a little differently. Your [more…]

Single-Parenting Challenge: Dealing with Former In-Laws

When you divorced your husband, did you divorce his family, too? If your wife passed away, do you maintain a relationship with her family? Or are you willing to accept their gifts of love, support, and [more…]

Choosing Grandparents for Your Childcare Needs

Each working day, more than 5 million grandparents in the United States provide childcare to their grandchildren. Although most of these child-care arrangements work out well for all concerned, not every [more…]

Easing Your Child into Childcare

Your child's first day at a new child-care arrangement doesn't have to be the stuff of which nightmares are made. (Honestly.) Here are some practical approaches to making the transition as stress-free [more…]

Effects of Remarriage on a Child's Sleep Habits

A parent's divorce or widowhood is enough to disrupt a child's sleep pattern; and if romance and remarriage enter the picture, it's yet another major disruption. The following examples highlight some of [more…]

Adjusting to Single-Parenthood: Your Mental Health

So, you're a onesy in a twosy world. Well, you're not the only single parent in town. You may be amazed to know that there are more than 10 million single-parent households in the United States alone — [more…]

Teaching Smart Kids Money Smarts

You know your child is successful when he understands dollars and cents. Smart kids know how to manage money. Sound attitudes about money cover budgeting, saving, and spending wisely. To fulfill your duties [more…]

Tuning Out the TV

When radio was at its zenith, families would gather around to listen to the stars of the day speak to them right in their living rooms, so early radio served as a unifier. In addition, in the early days [more…]

Enhancing the Atmosphere During the Birthing Process

Most delivery rooms are sterile-looking places because, in fact, they have to be germ-free. However, that doesn't mean that you can't do something to enhance the atmosphere while you're delivering your [more…]

Sharing the News: A Sibling's Expected

You may be at the time in your life when you expand your family. Oh happy, happy, joy, joy! But you may be wondering how your other children are going to respond to a new family member. That's a very good [more…]

Children's Behavior: Preventing Tantrums while Shopping

You can reduce the number of times your children have outbursts in stores or other temper tantrums with a simple method of communication: Explain to your kids what you expect of them. Tell them how they [more…]

Preventing Your Teen from Picking Up the Smoking Habit

You may be wondering how to approach your teenager about not smoking. Some kids avoid cigarettes like the plague. Some have been on a crusade since childhood to get their parents — you! — to quit smoking [more…]

Exploring Transracial and Transcultural Adoptions

When you adopt transracially, you adopt a child of a race different than yours. Adopting transculturally means that your child comes from a different culture than yours. If you're one of these families [more…]

Deciding on Childcare When You Work From Home

Whether you're running your own business from home or working for an employer who allows you to work from home on a full- or part-time basis (a working arrangement that is referred to as [more…]


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