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Knowing When Not to Marry

Just as there are signs that you are ready to marry, there are also signs that you're not. A surprising number of people are able to look back on their marriages and say why they weren't ready to marry [more…]

Making Your Marriage More Romantic

When you were courting, all you could think about was how exciting and romantic it was to be together. Back then, you couldn't do enough to please each other. As time passed, you got so accustomed to married [more…]

Marriage Means Communication (Verbal and Non-Verbal)

When couples complain that they're not communicating, they don't realize that wives and husbands can't not communicate. But are you still communicating, even when neither of you is talking? Absolutely! [more…]

Deflating Six Common Marriage Myths

The only thing perfect about marriage is the airbrushed wedding photo.

Rather than allowing myths about marriage to undermine your relationship, you should find those truths that help keep relationships [more…]

Finding Ways to Date Your Mate

Taking the person you share your life with for granted is an easy habit to get into. The fact that you have sex on a semi-regular basis, share a checkbook, and discuss whether or not to paint the living [more…]

Making Marriage Work by Fighting Fairly

Some couples claim that they never argue. That's next to impossible in marriages where both partners feel free to express their differences. Other couples have frequent arguments that sometimes get very [more…]

Shaking Yourselves Out of a Romance Rut

For many couples, boredom begins to creep into their interactions and shared interests. Their relationship has gone stale, and they can't seem to make the change by themselves. Change can be frightening [more…]

Making Time for Your Mate

Pick up any magazine in the grocery store, and you'll find at least one heading that reads, "How to keep the romance alive!" or "Take our survey, are you a good kisser? [more…]

Keeping Stress from Undermining Your Marriage

Marital problems become magnified when the partners take their personal stresses out on each other. The resulting problems can get so complicated that they become very difficult to unravel. [more…]

How to Resolve Marital Money Differences

Money is a regular cause of marital problems. Recognize how your attitude about money affects your marriage and use these tips to help resolve your money-dealing differences: [more…]

Common Myths about Marriage

Focus on finding the truths that keep your marriage strong instead of allowing common myths about marriage to undermine your relationship. Examine these marital myths to view your marriage more clearly [more…]

How to Fight Fairly in Marriage

Accepting that you and your spouse will argue can help to strengthen the marriage, but only if you have the ability to fight fair. If a marital argument arises, use these tools to help resolve the conflict [more…]

Reducing the Stress on Your Marriage

Negative stress effects your emotion and physical well-being, as well as your marriage. Take time to identify the source of your stress and then utilize these tips to reduce stress on yourself and your [more…]

Have a Sexier, More Exciting Marriage

A waning sex life is a complaint many couples have after years of marriage. Use these tips to keep the sexual chemistry alive in your marriage and improve your sex life: [more…]

Making Marriage Work For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Your marriage will be best if you debunk common marital myths, fight fairly, reduce marital stress, maintain a good sex life, and work together to resolve money issues that affect the marriage. [more…]

Dealing with Anger in a Relationship

We all get angry with our partners from time to time. Try the following tips to help you to minimise the destructive effects of anger on you and your relationship: [more…]

How to Settle Arguments and Disagreements with Your Partner

Every couple experiences disagreements. When handled with care, respect and understanding, couples can resolve their differences in a positive way and learn more about each other. When not resolved properly [more…]

How to Spice Up Your Sex Life and Rekindle Romance

After the initial passion and excitement of lust has faded, sex can start to feel routine and predictable for some couples, particularly if you’re both leading busy or stressful lives. There are lots of [more…]

How to Use Arguments to Improve Your Relationship

Every relationship has conflict — arguments and disagreements go hand-in-hand with love and affection. But with Dr. Kate's Make-A-Deal technique, you can settle disagreements [more…]

Life Changes the Social Security Administration Wants to Know About

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You need to inform the Social Security Administration (SSA) when something happens that may have an impact on a payment going to you or to dependents who are [more…]

Recognizing the Warning Signs of a Struggling Relationship

No relationship is perfect. Couples should expect to have their fair share of conflicts, but how they deal with these conflicts can be a sign of strength or distress. You can get in trouble when you lose [more…]

Six Keys to a Resilient Relationship

Resilient relationships may not be perfect but they are resourceful. Couples who are able to maintain a stable balance of positive emotions are more adaptive in the face of adversity. It’s common for a [more…]

Reigniting the Passion in Your Sex Life

Couples who maintain emotionally safe relationships find new ways to explore their relationships and renew their lives sexually. Here are some suggestions for reigniting your passion: [more…]

Rebuilding Your Relationship after an Affair

Infidelity is a leading cause of divorce, yet more couples stay married following an affair than get divorced. Rebuilding after an affair requires couples to face the infidelity and the patterns in their [more…]

Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Relationships are hard work, and over time, it’s easy to miss some of the warning signs that things aren’t going well. If you know what signs to look for, you and your partner can work together to get [more…]

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