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Spend More Time Doing Absolutely Nothing to Achieve Happiness

Some people simply can’t comprehend the psychological benefit that comes from doing absolutely nothing, but it can make you a happier person. When you think of nothing, this means nothing that’s productive [more…]

How to Achieve a Balanced Life to Find Happiness

Happiness comes from a balanced mix of what you have to do and what you want to do. In some Chinese restaurants, you can still order family style — choosing some items from Column A and others from Column [more…]

The Link between Your Personality and Happiness

A balanced lifestyle is key to achieving happiness. In general, personality types play a role in this balance. The people who can’t seem to pull themselves away from work and are highly stressed are Type-A [more…]

The Connection between Social Support and Happiness

Human beings are social creatures. So, it makes sense that we need social support to be happy. People are also wired for emotions, and you experience those emotions within a social context. Most people [more…]

The Importance of Solitude for Happiness

Humans are social creatures and socializing comes easy. Solitude is another matter. Solitude runs counter to the demands of society. Even so, happiness can be found in solitude, even though society depends [more…]

The Role of Healthy Selfishness in a Happy Life

Most people think the term healthy selfishness is an oxymoron. Realistically it’s necessary if you want to be happy, even if you have been taught that it’s bad to be selfish. And you may have been taught [more…]

How to Give the Right Way to Achieve Happiness

If you act generously to others, shouldn’t you experience the “joy of giving” and be happy with your actions? It depends. If there is a positive motive behind your generosity — for example, compassion [more…]

Love What You Do to Find Happiness

Are you a person who loves they do? This is important if you are trying to be truly happy. After all, working is what you do with a good chunk of your day. [more…]

Establish Healthy Boundaries to Achieve Happiness in the Workplace

One of the keys to happiness in the workplace is for employees to find the right balance between structure and freedom. Structure involves those formal and informal rules or codes of conduct that govern [more…]

Avoid Toxic Coworkers to Be Happy in the Workplace

Negativity in the workplace is like a virus — sooner or later, it infects everyone. If you want to be a happy worker, try and avoid toxic workers. Consider the main types of toxic workers, and deal with [more…]

How to Use Anger Constructively in the Workplace to Find Happiness

Being angry in the workplace usually results in unhappy workers, not happy ones. It’s not anger that gets you in trouble at work; it’s how you express your anger. Charlie uses his anger destructively whenever [more…]

How to Counteract Counterproductive Work Behavior to Find Happiness

If you want to be happy with what you do, try to be a productive employee. Everything you do at work falls into one of two categories — productive or counterproductive. How effective you are as an employee [more…]

Set Priorities to Be Happy at Home

Some families have priorities — things that they feel are most important, things that make them happy and are crucial to family life that give the family a clearly defined sense of direction and purpose [more…]

Decide What Kind of Parent You Want to Be to Achieve Happiness

How your raise you children doesn’t just affect how happy they’ll be; it affects how they perform in school, whether they take up smoking, how likely it is they’ll suffer from depression, and whether they [more…]

How to Balance Interdependence with Autonomy to Achieve Happiness at Home

Family happiness requires balance. There is a movie that shows how a mother bear gives her total attention to her cubs for one year…and then abruptly chases them up a tree, leaving them to survive on their [more…]

Happy Families Fight Fair

All families fight. But, there are still happy families out there. The question is: “Do they fight fair?” Children fight for increased autonomy; parents fight for more respect. Families fight over ideas [more…]

Happy Families Share the All-Important One Meal a Day

The modern-day family finds itself in a major time crunch. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice happiness. Parents are pulled one way (work, work, work!) and kids another [more…]

Balance the Me with the We to Have a Happy Relationship

A happy couple is one where the two partners retain their own separate, individual identities while working together to meet life’s many challenges and accomplish mutual goals. This is sometimes difficult [more…]

The Three Components of a Happy Relationship

Who doesn’t want to be in a happy relationship? Don’t worry, it can be done. Psychologists who study what makes for a successful, happy and loving relationship have narrowed it down to three components [more…]

Happy Couples Make Empathy the Norm

Empathy — the ability to walk in another person’s shoes — is the key to a happy relationship. An empathetic relationship is one in which each partner makes every effort to know what’s going on in the mind [more…]

Reach Out to Those You Love to Nurture Happy Relationships

All relationships have fights. It is natural and inevitable. However, maintaining happy relationships depends on your ability to reach out to those you care about. Many people have the instinct to withdraw [more…]

The Demographics of Happiness

Happiness is a very democratic emotion — it isn’t an emotion that’s available to only a certain group of individuals and not others. But there are some demographic characteristics that increase your chances [more…]

Happiness at Each Stage of Self-Actualization

If you believe yourself to be an unhappy person, consider these stages of self-actualization and what you may be missing to make a happy life. According to psychologist Abraham Maslow, a forerunner of [more…]

Why an Abundant Life Does Not Lead to Happiness

It is difficult not to get caught up in the idea that money and an abundant life will bring you happiness. If you have more of what you want, you should be happier, right? Between 1957 and 2005, the average [more…]

How Does Optimism Help Make You a Happy Person?

Beyond the simple reality that optimists are happier people (and happiness is what you’re striving for), optimism has other benefits as well. So, if you want to achieve greater happiness, try being optimistic [more…]


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