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Considering the Four Happiness Myths

Humans appeared on this earth without an owner's manual. Luckily, one of our advances has been in figuring out what causes happiness — and what doesn't. For example, everyone wants to be happy. But have [more…]

10 Ways to Raise a Happy Child

Happiness can be taught just as easily as unhappiness. Your own actions will serve as a lesson to your children. Helping your child learn what it takes to achieve happiness is a parental gift that keeps [more…]

10 Roadblocks to Happiness

Achieving happiness is a journey, and as with any journey, there are many potholes and roadblocks along the way. Think of these tips as a big orange cone, giving you enough warning to swerve out of the [more…]

The Benefits of Happiness and Positive Emotions

Only in recent years have psychologists begun to appreciate the benefits of happiness and positive emotion — benefits that include everything from enhanced creativity to improved immune-system function [more…]

The Four Basic Ingredients of Happiness

These four ingredients are essential if your goal is happiness. Without any single ingredient, you will find yourself feeling down, depressed; certainly, absent of happiness. The foundation for true happiness [more…]

How to Be in Sync with Your Surroundings to Achieve Happiness

Your emotions, including your happiness, are affected by the world you live in — your physical and social surroundings. If you’re in sync with that world, you have a much better chance of achieving happiness [more…]

How to Win the Battle of Negative Expectations to Achieve Happiness

Some people have been cultivated in a life of pessimism and so, end up being pessimists. To achieve happiness, you may have to battle some negative emotions. Take Joe, for example. Joe, a middle-aged mental-health [more…]

How to Move Beyond Pessimism to Achieve Happiness

Take a look at yourself and determine if you’re a pessimist. To achieve happiness a pessimist, you are going to need to move beyond that negative perspective. Here are some recommendations for doing just [more…]

Identify the Best Moments of Your Life to Achieve Flow and Happiness

Happiness is about those great unforgettable moments in life. So, if you were asked to identify the ten best moments of your life, could you do it? If it’s difficult for you, is that because you haven’t [more…]

Understand Who You Really Are to Achieve Flow and Happiness

One of the prerequisites of getting into flow and being happy has to do with knowing yourself. That doesn’t just mean name, rank, and serial number. Ask yourself the following questions to determine who [more…]

How to Get into Flow to Achieve Happiness

Flow is the ability to become deeply engrossed in something and losing your worries in the process. Flow is an important stepping stone to happiness. But how do you achieve it? Try this step-by-step process [more…]

Be Happy with the Right Perspective

Unlike other animals, humans have the gift of perspective, and perspective is about choice! You can choose to be happy. You can choose to see life as a glass half-full [more…]

Approach Tragedy with the Right Questions to Find Happiness

Benefit-finding and the resulting happiness is the result of asking yourself the right questions about the impact of tragedy on your life. It requires some introspection, some self-analysis, and a connection [more…]

Find the Benefits to Achieve Happiness

Benefit-finding and happiness are not automatic things. You don’t suddenly think in the midst of some unfortunate circumstance in life, “Wow, this isn’t that bad after all.” Benefit-finding is a process [more…]

How to Make a Revised Life Plan to Find Happiness

It’s not easy to revise your life and move into a positive, more satisfying, happier future. Major life challenges involving trauma and loss disrupt your life and force you to redirect your energies, interests [more…]

How to Achieve Coherence and Confidence to Find Happiness

For most people, finding one thing in life that gives them coherence, the sense of confidence they need to continue being happy and embracing life and with all its twists and turns is easy. Some people [more…]

What to Do When Coherence and Happiness are Disrupted

Sometimes, terrible things happen. And, your sense of coherence and happiness are either temporarily or permanently disrupted. Most people have a plan for how they want to live their lives and they spend [more…]

The Core Components of a Happy Life

There are three core components to a coherent life, without which it’s difficult, if not impossible, to achieve happiness. These components are order, affiliation, and meaning. Each of these components [more…]

How to Be Happy Through Positive Confession

Daily confessions can be a good start toward being happy. Psychology in general concerns itself with how and what human beings think, how they feel, and how and why they behave the way they do. Positive [more…]

Smile Your Way to Happiness

Think about what a smile does for you. It attracts people. It says to the world “I’m a happy, confident, competent, satisfied person.” It makes it easier to build a support network — people who will rally [more…]

Happiness: Know When to Sweat the Small Stuff and When to Let It Go

Truly happy people respond to hassles in a moderate way. Most people make two mistakes when it comes to being hassled— experiencing the small, micro-stresses that come their way each and every day just [more…]

A Happiness Test: Hassles Versus Uplifts

Some people feel hassled all the time. If you don’t balance this with uplifting moments, you’re not likely to be a happy person. You probably don’t realize just how hassled you are, partly because you [more…]

How to Restructure to Be Happy after a Major Life Change

The journey of life has many twists and turns. This should not impede your ability to be happy. One minute you think you know what your purpose in life is, and then everything changes. You get comfortable [more…]

The Importance of Rituals in a Happy Life

This might be tough to believe, but rituals are actually necessary to achieve happiness. Much of everyday life is made up of rituals — established, predictable, patterned behaviors that structure the day [more…]

Happiness: Know When to Plan and When Not To

Lately, it seems as if human beings need a plan for everything. Do these plans make you a happier person? Fewer and fewer people can get through the day without a BlackBerry. Parents plan for their children’s [more…]


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