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Genealogy Online For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Online is the place to be for genealogy research. Hundreds of genealogy websites help you research family origins and movements. Among many specialized websites, Helm's Genealogy Toolbox is the oldest [more…]

How to View Foreign-Born Inhabitants in the United States from 1880 to 2000

If you’re looking for ancestors from particular foreign countries or areas, The New York Times has an interactive application called the Immigration Explorer [more…]

Sources for Learning about DNA

You can use DNA tests to predict the probability that someone is related to you or that you have traits of a particular ethnicity. Here are five sites about DNA to explore: [more…]

Genealogy Vacations

Are you trying to choose between taking a vacation and spending the extra time researching your genealogy? Why not mix the two together? There are a few ways to enjoy genealogy while vacationing, including [more…]

9 Tips for Planning a Family Reunion

Family reunions are a wonderful resource for genealogists! They’re a great way to connect with living relatives and share information about your common ancestors. It gives you a chance to learn more about [more…]

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