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How to Use Vital Records Indexes in Your Genealogy Search

A good first place to start in your quest for vital genealogical records is to search for a vital records index for the place where you suspect your ancestor was born, married, or died. Vital record indexes [more…]

Use to Map Your Ancestor's Land is an interesting subscription site that enables you to see public land-related information on a map with functionality to show you how the land changed over time. Until recently, the site [more…]

How to Search for Military Records

One interesting collection of military records you can search for your genealogy is the Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System (CWSS). The CWSS site is a joint project of the National Park Service, the [more…]

Tax Records and Genealogy

Some of the oldest records available for genealogy research are tax records — including property and inheritance records. Although some local governments have placed tax records online, these records are [more…]

Genealogy Records Available at the Courthouse

Typical records you can find at your local courthouse include land deeds, birth and death certificates, divorce decrees, wills and probate records, tax records, and some military records [more…]

Genealogy Vertical Search Engines

One way to maximize your genealogy research time is to use a vertical genealogy search engine. A vertical search engineis a site that indexes content about a specific topic rather than attempting to index [more…]

Personal Genealogical Sites

The majority of non-subscription genealogical pages that you encounter on the web are maintained by an individual who is interested in researching a particular person or family line. These pages usually [more…]

One-Name Study Sites for Your Genealogy

If you're looking for a wide range of information on one particular surname, a one-name study site may be worth your while. These sites usually focus on one surname regardless of the geographic location [more…]

Family Association Sites for Your Genealogy

Family association sites for genealogical research are similar to one-name study sites in terms of content, but they usually have an organizational structure [more…]

Online Subscription Databases: Goldmines of Genealogy?

Online subscription databases are repositories of information that you can retrieve by paying a monthly, quarterly, or yearly fee. Most online subscription databases are searchable and allow you to type [more…]

Browsing Comprehensive Genealogical Indexes

If you're unable to find information on your ancestor through a search engine or online database, or if you're looking for additional information, another resource to try is a comprehensive genealogical [more…]

How to Use Passenger Lists in Your Genealogy Research

One type of immigration record that you can find on the web is passenger lists. Passenger lists are manifests of who traveled on a particular ship. You can use passenger lists not only to see who immigrated [more…]

How to Search Land Resources for Your Genealogy

Land resources are among the most plentiful sources of information for genealogy research in the United States. Although a census would have occurred only once every ten years on average, land transactions [more…]


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