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How to Use Helm’s Genealogy Toolbox

If you are looking for Internet resources on genealogy or local history, you can search for them at Helm’s Genealogy Toolbox by full-text search engine or by browsing categories. [more…]

5 Genealogy Myths Exposed

Many family legends have little basis in fact. Because genealogy myths and misperceptions cost researchers time and discourage beginning genealogists, keep in mind these common misconceptions about genealogy [more…]

Genealogy Online For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Online is the place to be for genealogy research. Hundreds of genealogy websites help you research family origins and movements. Among many specialized websites, Helm's Genealogy Toolbox is the oldest [more…]

How to View Foreign-Born Inhabitants in the United States from 1880 to 2000

If you’re looking for ancestors from particular foreign countries or areas, The New York Times has an interactive application called the Immigration Explorer [more…]

Sources for Learning about DNA

You can use DNA tests to predict the probability that someone is related to you or that you have traits of a particular ethnicity. Here are five sites about DNA to explore: [more…]

Genealogy Vacations

Are you trying to choose between taking a vacation and spending the extra time researching your genealogy? Why not mix the two together? There are a few ways to enjoy genealogy while vacationing, including [more…]

9 Tips for Planning a Family Reunion

Family reunions are a wonderful resource for genealogists! They’re a great way to connect with living relatives and share information about your common ancestors. It gives you a chance to learn more about [more…]

How to Search for Genealogical Information

You can use the search engine to find links to the content in each of its collections. Here are the steps for using the search function: [more…]

10 Helpful Genealogy Sites

When researching your genealogy, do censuses make you feel senseless? Panicked at the idea of using Soundex? Just plain confused about where to start? These ten sites may relieve some of the anxiety you [more…]

Write Your Biographical Sketch with Story of My Life

You can use online resources for writing your biographical sketch. One site that assists you with creating your autobiography is Story of My Life. Story of My Life contains a simple way to assemble chapters [more…]

GEDCOM: The Genealogist's Standard

As you probably have already discovered, genealogy is full of acronyms. One such acronym that you’ll hear and see repeatedly is GEDCOM (GEnealogical Data COMmunication). [more…]

How to Download RootsMagic Essentials Software

To help you get a better idea of how software can help you organize your genealogy records and research, and to help you figure out what features to look for in particular software packages, examine how [more…]

How to Enter Data into RootsMagic Essentials Software

When you open RootsMagic Essentials for the very first time, you get a RootsMagic News window containing links to various announcements and stories of interest to RootsMagic users. If you want to read [more…]

How to Source Your Information in RootsMagic Essentials

As you enter information about people into the RootsMagic Essentials application, it's critical that you cite your data sources. Most genealogical software programs, including RootsMagic, allow you to [more…]

How to Use

If you're going to be researching using a variety of computers, perhaps a better option is to use an online genealogical database rather than a genealogical database stored on one computer. One full-featured [more…]

How to Beef Up Your Profile

Just like your ancestors’ lives, your life is a lot more than just names and dates. To get a better picture of you, or your ancestor's life, you need to include details about important events such as marriages [more…]

How to Cite Your Sources in

A source is any material (book, document, record, or periodical, for example) that provides information for your genealogy research. In (or any other software you are using) you should cite [more…]

How to Add Media to Your Source Citations

To provide a rich experience for your sources in your family tree, consider adding media. For example, you can scan a birth record of an ancestor and add the image of the actual record as [more…]

Ancestry Hints on

A special function in the online family tree on is the Ancestry Hint. Ancestry Hints are designed to search through the names that you enter and match them to records available on the Ancestry [more…]

Member Connect on

If you decide to get a paid subscription to, it gives you an additional feature of the online family tree that is worth mentioning — Member Connect. The Member Connect feature actively looks [more…]

How to Use the Ancestry App on an iPad

The mobile app is available for iPad, iPhone, Android, and Windows 8 and Windows RT. If you're one of those people who are always on the go, you can use a genealogical app instead of a standard [more…]

Types of Sources for Your Genealogy Research

If you're like most people, you think you know a lot about yourself. How do you know the birth date? You were obviously there, but you weren't in a condition to be a reliable witness. This is where primary [more…]

How to Get Genealogy Information from Your Relatives

It's likely that you have some valuable but overlooked sources of genealogical gold. You may be looking right through them as they hover around the dessert table at the family reunion, reminding you about [more…]

Where to Look for Genealogy Information

It might seems obvious, but you can strike it rich in closets, in basements, and under beds. Are you a pack rat? A hoarder of sorts? Someone who keeps every little scrap of paper that he or she touches [more…]

How to Use Photos in Your Genealogy Research

A picture is worth a thousand words — so the saying goes. That's certainly true in genealogy. Photographs are among the most treasured documents for genealogists. Pictures show how your ancestors looked [more…]


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