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Paying for an Older Person's Health Care

The cost of a serious illness, surgery, or a lengthy stay in the hospital can easily wipe out your elder's nest egg. The more you know about health-care insurance plans [more…]

Helping Your Elder with Grooming and Hygiene

Seeing that doctors' appointments are kept, meals are cooked, and bills are paid is only part of your job description as a caregiver. Your main job — and most important work — is helping your older person [more…]

Recognizing an Elder's Efforts to Hide Distressful Emotions

People frequently protect themselves from the pain of their own emotions (including anxiety, resentment, frustration, and depression) by hiding these feelings — from themselves and from others. They often [more…]

Recognizing the Pitfalls of Providing Eldercare

Understanding the dollar value of what you're providing — for free — is important to your sense of accomplishment. For example, care provided to Alzheimer disease sufferers by their family members would [more…]

Eldercare: Dealing with Clinical Depression

It's estimated that 15 to 20 percent of elders suffer from some kind of depression — everything from the passing mood to the kind that requires medical attention, clinical depression. [more…]

Helping Elderly Parents with Their Finances

Caring for an elderly parent can be physically, emotionally, and mentally challenging. Becoming a caregiver to a parent is a role reversal, even if you're just attending to his or her health. If you have [more…]

How to Get Your Elder to Accept Help

Getting an elderly person to accept that they need help when the abilities they've relied on throughout a long life are diminishing can be difficult for you and the elder you're caring for. The tips in [more…]

How to Help an Elder Get the Most out of Doctor Appointments

Often, part of caring for an elder includes accompanying them to medical appointments. To make the most of these healthcare sessions, encourage your elder to use the following tips to promote a healthcare [more…]

Ground Rules for a Family Meeting about Eldercare

If your family is faced with getting or continuing care for an elderly loved one, a family meeting can be productive in airing issues and concerns and brainstorming solutions. Tips on running a fruitful [more…]

How to Reduce the Stress of Caring for an Elder

Caring for an elder can be rewarding and personally enriching, but it is also stressful. Using the tips in the following list can help you relieve your stress and improve quality of life for both you and [more…]

Eldercare For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Caring for an elderly family member or loved one brings its own stresses and rewards. Your first step may be to convince your elder to accept help. A family meeting can help clarify issues and solutions [more…]

ADA-Compliant Showers

ADA-compliant shower units are designed for people with limited physical abilities. Showers that comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) are designed with a low threshold so that you can [more…]

How to Use Food Stamps (the SNAP Card)

The federal Food Stamp Program is now called SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program); and instead of issuing paper food stamp coupons, SNAP recipients get an EBT [more…]

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