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Is Divorce Ahead? Recognizing the Signs of Trouble

Marriages rarely die overnight. Almost always, the destruction of a marriage happens little by little, over time. Ideally, if trouble arises in your marriage, you and your spouse should be able to respond [more…]

Telling Your Children about the Divorce

Children often fear that they will lose one of their parents in a divorce or that their parents will abandon them and they will have to fend for themselves. Therefore, both of you need to convey in your [more…]

Understanding the Basics of Divorce Law

Your divorce may be your first encounter with the legal system (except for that appearance or two in traffic court). Understandably, the prospect of dealing with lawyers, courts, and legal mumbo jumbo [more…]

Prelude to Divorce? Formalizing a Legal Separation

If you and your spouse decide to legally separate, you won't live together anymore, but you won't be divorced, either. A legal separation agreement (called a [more…]

Choosing a Divorce Attorney

Choosing a divorce lawyer can be overwhelming. After all, your divorce attorney is the expert you'll rely on to help you make the best decisions about your divorce. An attorney can be involved in your [more…]

Making Changes to Your Divorce Agreement

As time goes on after you're divorced, you may decide that the terms of your divorce no longer work for you given changes in your life or in your children's lives. For example, your employer is in financial [more…]

Safeguarding Your Money if You Anticipate a Hostile Divorce

If you suspect that your divorce will be a knock-down, drag-out fight or if you're certain that your divorce won't go smoothly, prepare to take the following steps prior to the start of your divorce. Protecting [more…]

The Torah's Take on Divorce: Fix It or Get Out!

While some religious traditions forbid divorce, Judaism does not. In the Torah, divorce is viewed as a common and acceptable occurrence (Deuteronomy 24:1–4), and although the Talmud teaches that the [more…]

After the Divorce: Dealing with Personal and Family Issues

After your divorce is over, you enter a new phase in your life. You may feel happier than you have felt in a long time, free of the tension and strife that plagued your marriage. Life after divorce can [more…]

Single-Parenting Challenge: Dealing with Former In-Laws

When you divorced your husband, did you divorce his family, too? If your wife passed away, do you maintain a relationship with her family? Or are you willing to accept their gifts of love, support, and [more…]

Post-Divorce: Ensuring that Spousal Payments Arrive

After your divorce is final, your ex-spouse may not make the spousal support payments he or she agreed to make. This may occur because your ex is angry about the divorce, resents having to send you money [more…]

Basic Divorce Decisions

Important and difficult decisions have to be made when you’re working out the terms of your divorce, especially if minor children are involved. Basic conditions of your divorce that need to be decided [more…]

Hiring a Divorce Attorney

Hiring a trustworthy divorce attorney is an important decision, whether you work with them from the beginning to end of your divorce or on a limited basis. Your attorney can affect the cost, course, and [more…]

Organizations and Resources to Help with Divorce

If you need financial or legal advice, or emotional support, when going through a divorce, keep this list of national, state, and local resources readily available for help: [more…]

Divorce For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If you’re going through a divorce, basic decisions need to be made with your spouse. Interview divorce attorneys before you decide to hire one to help with your divorce and keep a list of national and [more…]

Divorce Decisions in a Nutshell

You face many tough decisions when negotiating a divorce agreement. In most cases, the basic questions you need to ask yourself boil down to the following: [more…]

Important UK Organisations and Helpful Resources for Divorce-Related Issues

The following list of resources may be of some help as you’re going through your divorce. Keep this information in a handy place (maybe under a refrigerator magnet or inside the phone book): [more…]

Divorce For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

Divorce is never going to be an easy experience to go through, emotionally, legally or in terms of the decisions you have to make. You can, however, remove a lot of the pain and hassle from your divorce [more…]

Life Changes the Social Security Administration Wants to Know About

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You need to inform the Social Security Administration (SSA) when something happens that may have an impact on a payment going to you or to dependents who are [more…]

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