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Dating After 50 Dilemma: Your Date Is Dating Someone Else

If it’s been awhile since you last dated and now you are entering the dating world in your 50s or beyond, you might get a surprise or two on your dating adventure. Sometimes, it turns out you can know [more…]

Dating After 50: Ten Signs of a Solid Relationship

One of the biggest worries new daters over 50 have is that they'll pick the wrong person to get involved with. This may not be an unwarranted concern. You may have been married to or in a committed relationship [more…]

Dating After 50: Your Date Wants Someone Younger

Let's face it: There are prejudices about age. Most people over 50 who are healthy and fit think they look and feel younger than their chronological age. And if you're a 70-year-old who looks 60, you certainly [more…]

Dating After 50: Get More Information about Dates Online

It’s kind of ironic that most people over 50 would prefer meeting face to face because while doing so gives you the most information about being attracted to each other, it gives you the least information [more…]

Dating After 50: Letting Someone Down

Think about how it feels when you're the person who is more in love, and the other person thinks you're just swell — but to a point. It's a difficult situation. People love who they love, and just because [more…]

Dating After 50: Discover New Networks Online

People over 50 generally start thinking about online dating because they aren’t meeting anyone new. Most people would prefer to meet someone in person, so they do all the usual things to find dates, like [more…]

Dating After 50: Meet a Lot of Available People Online

As a new dater over 50, you’ve probably met everyone at your church group that you’re going to meet through that venue. Maybe a few new people will pop up, but not too many, and not many of them single [more…]

Dating Sites Online for People Over 50

When you begin dating after 50, a great way to find like-minded people is by searching them out online. Sometimes a characteristic or set of characteristics that you prize in yourself and others is so [more…]

Dating After 50: Is Your Long Lost Love Online?

If you’re interested in online dating and you’re over 50, you might consider using the general networking sites that bring people together who used to know one another but have lost contact over the years [more…]

Common Mistakes Daters over 50 Make Online

When online dating first emerged, older people were particularly cautious about it. People over 50 were rarely first adopters of technology, and it took a lot of time just to send e-mail, much less use [more…]

Your Online Picture for Over-50 Dating Sites

The first thing in your online dating profile that people glance at is your picture. Many people spend only a few seconds checking out your picture before moving on to the next picture, and the next, looking [more…]

Write Your Profile for Over-50 Dating Sites

Your online dating profile is a combination of answers to specific questions for a specific site and the free-form text that describes who you are and who you want, in your own words. This written part [more…]

4 Online Profile Tips for Daters over 50

Online dating for people over 50 has become normal. Most people have thought about it, and a lot of people have done it. You may have tried it yourself but found it daunting or had a bad experience and [more…]

Dating After 50: The Dark Side of Online Dating

Though some people on dating sites lie in their profiles, most only shade the truth. The areas that people fudge the most are their age, weight, and height. Few people [more…]

What to Look for in an Online Date’s Profile

Daters over 50 can learn to navigate the world of online dating, where they'll find the most singles. Consider the do's and don'ts that make a huge difference in who you meet, how safe you are, and how [more…]

Online Matching Systems: Do They Really Work?

Online matching systems are increasingly used by people over 50 to find dates. These systems don’t necessarily send you your true love, but if you think of them as narrowing down the pool of eligible people [more…]

First In-Person Meeting with an Online Date

Here’s a tip for people over 50 looking for dates online: Don’t mistake the coffee meeting for a first date! Think of it as more of a job interview for both of you. [more…]

Dating After 50: Tips for A Dinner Date

Meeting your date over food is great. Good food and good wine (especially good wine) create an amiable environment. You inherit the mood of the room: quiet and contemplative or lively and animated. [more…]

Dating After 50: Tips for A Movie Date

For people over 50, there are two great reasons to bring a first date to the movies. First, you don't have to talk as much as you do when you're on a dinner date, and that can be good when you don't have [more…]

Safety in Online Dating for People over 50

Online dating is safe for people over 50 — most of the time. But like anything, there’s an opportunity for taking advantage of people. There are a few malicious people who are out for themselves and can [more…]

First Date Tips for People over 50

Dating again after 50 can be nerve-wracking if you have not dated in awhile. Ultimately, the first date's success depends on how well you connect with each other, and that really depends on how well you [more…]

7 Topics to Stay Away from on A First Date

Here’s a tip for daters over 50 to remember: Some topics are never okay for a first date. Never! That's not to say that they aren't tempting, but learn to avoid these subjects. They rarely reflect well [more…]

Dating After 50: 4 Tips for Lively Date Conversation

Dating again after 50 is full of ups and downs as you approach new people, set up first dates, possibly look online for date matches, and even ask your friends and family to help you set you up on a date [more…]

Dating After 50: Tips for An Athletic or Outdoorsy Date

When you begin dating again after 50, remember to choose a popular place where you'll be surrounded by other people; you don't want to be isolated on a first date. [more…]

Dating After 50: Make Sure You’re A Good Listener

Here’s an important tip for having a successful date when you’re over the age of 50: make sure you are a good listener to your date. Here are the top five elements of effective listening: [more…]


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