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Dating After 50: How to Introduce Your Date

Copyright © 2014 AARP. All rights reserved.

When you’re dating again after 50, what should be the order of introducing someone to the people you care about? Here's the order that makes sense in terms of [more…]

Dating After 50: Introduce Your Date to Friends

Copyright © 2014 AARP. All rights reserved.

The reaction of your friends tells you a lot about your date and a lot about your friends. You want to introduce your date to someone who has your back and will [more…]

Dating After 50: What Do Your Friends Think?

Copyright © 2014 AARP. All rights reserved.

Your good friend's reaction to your date can be tricky. You need feedback from someone, and your close friend knows you well and has an opinion about who's good [more…]

Dating After 50: Your Family’s Reactions

Copyright © 2014 AARP. All rights reserved.

Your children or other family members may not be ready for you to date now that you’re over 50, or maybe ever. What do you do if they're capable of acting badly [more…]

Dating After 50: When to Introduce the Family

Copyright © 2014 AARP. All rights reserved.

Before considering the introduction of your friends and family and your date's friends and family at length, start with the most important directive: Do this [more…]

The Top 5 Sexual Concerns of Men Over 50

Copyright © 2014 AARP. All rights reserved.

Getting back into sex when you’re in your 50s or older is touchy, particularly if a very long time has gone by since you've taken off your clothes in front of [more…]

Negotiate A Mutually Satisfying Sexual Philosophy After 50

Copyright © 2014 AARP. All rights reserved.

What to do if you’re entering a new relationship after 50 and your sexual philosophies and behaviors don't immediately match those of your partner's? Don't give [more…]

Create Your Sexual Philosophy After 50

Copyright © 2014 AARP. All rights reserved.

When you're over 50 and first dating someone, you may find yourself so caught up in watching your own feelings, gauging your partner's feelings, and trying to [more…]

The Top 5 Sexual Concerns of Women Over 50

Copyright © 2014 AARP. All rights reserved.

It's a safe bet that the average woman over the age of 50 has at least one of the following concerns regarding sexual relations — even if she won't own up to [more…]

Dating After 50: Talk about Monogamy

Copyright © 2014 AARP. All rights reserved.

Monogamy is a big deal whether you're the person who isn't ready for monogamy and wants to date around or the person who can only have sex with one person at [more…]

How Does Cancer Affect Dating?

Copyright © 2014 AARP. All rights reserved.

Dating after 50 requires understanding that one or both partners may suffer some health issues. It's not uncommon for older people to have had some kind of cancer [more…]

Dating After 50: Talk about Your Personal Health

Copyright © 2014 AARP. All rights reserved.

If you had a chronic or life-threatening illness when you were younger, you've had experience talking about your health. Maybe you had to repeatedly tell the [more…]

How Do Arthritis or Osteoporosis Affect Dating?

Copyright © 2014 AARP. All rights reserved.

Dating after 50 can include dealing with the health issues of either or both partners. When you were younger and older people would mention aches and pains, it [more…]

How Does Diabetes Affect Dating?

Copyright © 2014 AARP. All rights reserved.

When you begin dating as an older adult, it’s likely you will encounter possible dates with health conditions, or you yourself will devlop one. Diabetes is characterized [more…]

How Do Heart Conditions Affect Dating?

Copyright © 2014 AARP. All rights reserved.

As people age, heart conditions and bypass surgery become more common. The good news is that operations that were once so hit or miss now have huge success rates [more…]

Dating After 50: Maintain Your Friendships

Why do you need to maintain contact with your friends while dating? The people you know best are the people you've selected — and who have returned the favor — as your inner circle. This circle may be [more…]

Dating After 50: Financial Responsibility

If you're over 50 and interested in someone enough that you want to address how the two of you will handle finances or pay for your dates, you can begin by picking up on clues as you get to know each other [more…]

Dating After 50: Who Pays for the First Date?

Who pays what is particularly awkward in the beginning of a relationship, especially at the first meeting. You don't know each other at all and you don't even know whether there's a spark between you, [more…]

Dating After 50: New Thoughts about Who Pays

Whatever dating in the past was, dating in the present is different. You're different, your partner is different, and you both need to discuss, from the beginning, your expectations about money — at least [more…]

Explore Your Feelings about Money and Dating over 50

Even though men and women over 50 may have grown up with a traditional point of view, they've seen gender relations change, perhaps even in their own marriage or cohabiting relationships. Men and women [more…]

Dating After 50: When Someone Doesn’t Want to See You Again

Dating again after 50 can be a challenge to your confidence. Once you finally approach or are approached by someone, it feels good to have the possibility of a first date. [more…]

Dating Online After 50: What If No One Responds?

The road to true love can be bumpy, and online dating presents its own kind of bumps. Sometimes it's hard to figure out why things went sideways if the person you were interested in just disappears and [more…]

Dating After 50: What If Your Date Lies?

When you're dating again after 50, and become really interested in someone, it's easy to make excuses for his behavior because you don't want to believe bad things about someone you thought might be “the [more…]

Dating After 50: Use Friends as a Sounding Board

You may never have needed friends as much as you need them now when you begin to date. Unless you're dating just for fun, you need the opinion of your friends about anyone you're really interested in. [more…]

So Many Coffees but No Second Dates?

Dating after 50 can present many challenges, such as trouble getting started. If you have no shortage of first meetings over coffee but your relationships end there, you may feel like quitting, but you [more…]


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