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Identifying Horse Parts and Markings

If you hang around a stable for any length of time, you'll notice that horse people have a language all their own. This language — which sounds like a foreign tongue to the uninitiated — is what horse [more…]

Training Your Rabbit with a Trio of Tricks

If you let your rabbit run in a large area of the house, you may want her to come when you call her name. It will allow you to find her if she's hiding and you're concerned for her welfare. [more…]

Exploring a Rabbit's Unique Digestive System

One of the most interesting aspects of a rabbit's body is his digestive system. Unlike a cat or dog, rabbits can eat a wide variety of plant material. They can process and extract nutrients from many plants [more…]

Getting a Hunch about Rabbit Hutches

For outdoor rabbits, their hutch is their home, the place where they spend most of their time. Rabbits depend on their hutches to provide them with security and comfort, a place that they can call their [more…]

Understanding a Horse's Senses

To see things from the horse's perspective, you need to know — literally — how the horse takes in the world. Humans evolved to be hunters and gatherers, chasing down prey and finding appropriate plants [more…]

Fitting a Saddle to Your Horse

Saddle shopping is more than just finding a nice-looking saddle in your price range. As far as the horse is concerned, a saddle that doesn't fit correctly can result in sore back muscles, and a corresponding [more…]

Knowing When Your Rabbit Needs Emergency Treatment

Just like other pets (and people, too) rabbits can require emergency treatment. An illness or injury may mean that your rabbit needs immediate help, even before you take him to a veterinarian. Suddenly [more…]

Knowing When to Call the Vet for Your Horse

Not every equine ailment requires a frantic phone call to the nearest veterinarian. You can deal with some problems at home, or at least monitor them before [more…]

Riding Your Horse Safely on Trails

Basic horseriding skills are just as necessary on the trail as they are in a riding arena. Out in the wilderness, you may find yourself in situations where you must turn your horse, back him up, and, of [more…]

Choosing a Veterinarian for Your Pet

You and your veterinarian work together to keep your pet healthy, and you want to have a good working relationship. Choosing a reputable veterinarian requires your time and attention. [more…]

How to Recognize a Rabbit Health Emergency

You need to be familiar with your rabbit’s normal condition and behavior so that you notice when something is wrong. Bleeding is fairly obvious, but raspy breathing may be harder to detect and just as [more…]

Emergency Numbers to Have on Hand for Your Rabbit

Your pet rabbit can get hurt or feel sick, just like you do. So that you’re prepared for an emergency — your bunny may eat something he shouldn’t or injure a paw — write down emergency contact numbers [more…]

Things to Keep Away from Your Rabbit

Some everyday things you don’t think twice about are dangerous to your rabbit. And some things toxic to you are especially bad for your bunny. Your hopping pet can do damage to household items as well. [more…]

How to Read Your Rabbit’s Body Language

Although your rabbit may make some sounds when communicating, bunnies do most of their “talking” with their body language. The following list can help you interpret what your rabbit is saying: [more…]

Tips for Living with an Indoor Pet Rabbit

Rabbits make wonderful indoor companions, and the following tips can help you create a successful and enjoyable living arrangement for you and your furry friend. First tip: If you let your lapine roam [more…]

Rabbits For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Rabbits can make wonderful pets whether you keep them indoors or in an outdoor pen with a shelter. Bunnies are lively, engaging, and endearing, and you can often tell how they’re feeling from their body [more…]

Questions to Ask as You Shop for a Horse

Buying a horse is a big deal. It’s a process that deserves and needs some thought and preparation. When you set off on your horse-shopping adventure, arm yourself with the following questions for the seller [more…]

Daily Horse-Tending Tasks

Taking care of a horse is a major responsibility, and you have to tend to your equine friend every day. The following list describes the tasks you need to accomplish each day for your horse: [more…]

Horse Grooming Tools

Keeping your horse clean and looking good is an essential part of horse ownership, and besides, it can be fun! The following is a list of grooming tools you need to have handy: [more…]

Horses For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Horses don’t make for cuddly pets; on the other hand, you can’t go for a gallop on a kitten. Like any animal, horses need daily care and occasional grooming. If you’re buying a horse, you need to know [more…]

How to Find a Reputable Ferret Breeder

Good ferret breeders should be pleasant, honest, and direct with you about the responsibilities of having a ferret as a pet. They don’t want to give their ferrets to just anybody. As you research ferret [more…]

Signs of a Healthy Ferret

When choosing a ferret as a pet, it's very important to find a healthy and happy one to bring into your home. This list shows you things to look for when shopping for your new fuzzy family member: [more…]

Information for Your Ferret Sitter

Whether you leave your ferret in the capable hands of a pet sitter or you use a boarding facility, this list explains the information you need to provide for your ferret’s caregiver: [more…]

Ferret First Aid Kit Items

It’s essential to keep a first-aid kit handy that is made especially for your ferret. Be ready for any ferret emergency by including all of the following things in your ferret first-aid kit — and don’t [more…]

Ferrets For Dummies Cheat Sheet

When you decide on a ferret as a pet, know how to find a reputable breeder and recognize the signs of a healthy and happy ferret. When someone is looking after your ferret, leave all essential information [more…]


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