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How to Leash Train Your Puppy

Your dog’s leash is your key training tool, so get your pooch used to being on a leash as quickly as possible. Most dogs have no trouble accepting the leash, although puppies may need a little time to [more…]

How to Train Your Dog to Stay

The Stay command is strongly linked with the Sit command — you rarely see a dog standing up and staying. So, a more accurate name for this command is the Sit and Stay command. Make sure your dog already [more…]

How to Release Your Dog with “Okay”

The point of a release word is to let your dog know that he can move now and is on his own time. “Okay” is the release word of choice for most dog trainers, although you’re free to choose a different release [more…]

How to Train Your Dog to Lie Down

Your dog already knows how to lie down, she just needs to be taught to lie down on command. “Down” is the command to use when you want your dog to lie down in place, right now, and stay there until you [more…]

How to Teach Your Dog to Wait before Proceeding

A dog that jets through an open door, races up and down stairs, and jumps into or out of the car the second the door opens is a danger to himself and to you and other humans — especially small, toddling [more…]

How to Teach Your Dog Calm Response to Doorbells

Even if your dog knows to sit and stay when you open the door, the sound of the doorbell or a knock on the door is likely to send her into a frenzy of barking as she charges the door. Even though you may [more…]

How to Train Your Dog to Not Jump on People

The Sit-Stay command is the key to training your dog to not jump up on people. Even dog-lovers don’t appreciate being pawed over or knocked back by an enthusiastic canine greeting. [more…]

How to Train Your Dog to Not Beg at Table

You teach your dog to beg by feeding her treats from the table, so training her to not beg should be as easy as notfeeding her from the table, right? Retraining your dog takes firmness and perseverance [more…]

How to Train Your Dog to Not Pull on the Leash

A well-trained dog knows how to walk on a leash without tugging on your arms. A dog bouncing off the end of the leash like a kangaroo may be amusing to look at, but no fun if you’re the one holding the [more…]

How to Train Your Dog to Come When Called

A dog that doesn’t come when called is a prisoner of her leash and, if she gets loose, a danger to herself and others. Training your dog to come to you benefits everyone — including your dog, who can be [more…]

How to Train Your Dog to Leave It

The Leave It command protects you from having to deal with the nasty things your dog thinks are appropriate to pick up in his mouth and protects him from potentially dangerous nonedibles — or poisoned [more…]

How to Stop Your Dog from Digging in Your Yard

Some dog breeds are bred to root out underground dwellers, so recognize that from your dog’s perspective, digging holes in your yard is her job — and part of her drive to hunt prey. [more…]

How to Train Your Dog to Not Bark Incessantly

Dogs bark in response to a stimulus or because they’re bored and want attention, any attention, even if it involves someone yelling at them to quit barking. On the one hand, few things are more reassuring [more…]

How to Train Your Dog to Not Chew Things Up

Dogs chew when they’re teething — like babies at the same stage, they just can’t help it. They also chew to show anxiety, boredom, or loneliness. Teething is over eventually, but addressing your dog’s [more…]

How to Stop Your Dog from Pottying in the House

House soiling that occurs after your dog is housetrained and that isn’t marking behavior can have a variety of causes, including separation anxiety. Treating the house as a bathroom usually is caused by [more…]

How to Train Your Dog to Wag on Cue

“If you’re happy and you know it, wag your tail!” Training your dog to wag him tail on command is so easy! Catch your dog wagging, praise him for it, and think of a clever cue word to command each time [more…]

How to Train Your Dog to Give Kisses

Getting your dog to give you kisses is a real delight, unless you hate dog kisses. You can teach this trick quickly by association, simply saying “Kisses” whenever your dog licks you. [more…]

How to Train Your Dog to Give a Hug

You have several ways to teach your dog to hug you. If your pooch loves to wrap his paws around you, you can reinforce this behavior when it’s happening with praise and/or treats. You can also use a command [more…]

How to Train Your Dog to Ask Nicely

Take your pick of a verbal command — Be Polite, Beg, Ask Nicely, or Say Please — they all mean the same thing. The object is to get your dog to look irresistibly entreating. Although teaching it takes [more…]

How to Train Your Dog to Play Dead

When focusing on teaching your dog to play dead, praise your dog each time you see him lying on his side naturally. After a day or so, add a word cue like “Sleep” when you catch your dog resting and praise [more…]

How to Train Your Dog to Fetch

The instinct to retrieve is all in your dog's genes. Some types of dogs take to it naturally, some don’t. As the name says, any type of retriever loves chasing things and bringing them back [more…]

How to Give Your Dog Treats

Giving your pet a little something special from time to time isn’t going to do him any harm and can be very useful in training situations, or when you’re trying to keep him occupied while he’s home alone [more…]

How to Introduce New People to Your Dog

Even if you have a big family, meeting people outside your household is important for your new dog. Introductions can take place on walks through the neighborhood or trips in the car, but another great [more…]

How to Train Your Dog with Treats

The age-old question is “To treat or not to treat?” Training without treats can be done, but it’s not much fun, and in a life filled with daily responsibilities and stress, you may as well enjoy the process [more…]

How to Train Your Dog with a Clicker

A clicker is a small hand-held device that makes a sharp cracking sound when you press it. Pair this sound with a food reward — always — and you have a dog-training power that would make Pavlov proud. [more…]


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