Photographing Dogs

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How to Export Your Dog Photos from Lightroom

After you make your necessary adjustments to your dog photos in Lightroom, you need to export your photos to see your changes in other programs besides Lightroom. To export photos from Lightroom, do the [more…]

How to Set Up Collections of Your Dog Photos within Lightroom

It’s time to start organizing all your dog photos! Lightroom has some pretty awesome organizational tools, the crux of which is a little feature called Collections. You see, when you import photos into [more…]

How to Choose Dog Photography Images to Keep

After you import your dog photos to your computer from your memory card, take stock of what you have and filter out any images unworthy of postprocessing time. The characteristics of what makes an image [more…]

Crop and Straighten Your Dog Photos in Adobe Lightroom

Not all your dog photos need to be cropped or straightened, but if you want to crop out that ugly trash can you didn’t realize was peeking into your frame, or if the horizon line seems a bit off-kilter [more…]

Correct Dog Photography White Balance in Adobe Lightroom

Finding the right white balance for your dog photo is all about getting your photo’s color to look as true to life as possible. In general, this means making sure that the whites in your photo are completely [more…]

Perfect Tone in Adobe Lightroom for Your Dog Photography

Adjusting the overall tone of your image is probably the most important part of postprocessing your dog photography images. Tone is the range of brightness levels in your image, from the lightest whites [more…]

Use the Histogram as a Guide during Postprocessing

A photo’s histogram is a graphical representation of the tones in the image. The left side of the graph represents the darkest blacks in your image, and the right side represents the brightest whites. [more…]

How to Detail Presence in Your Dog Photography

The Presence controls in Adobe Lightroom (located within the Develop Module and under the Basic pane) allow you to even further fine-tune your image. Your Presence controls are Clarity, Saturation, and [more…]

Why Retouch Your Dog Photography in Adobe Photoshop?

People tend to think you’re a little crazy when you tell them that the final step of your postprocessing workflow is retouching their dog: “What?! But Barley’s so perfect!” Perhaps from 10 feet away Barley [more…]

Groom Away the "Ickies" in Your Dog Photos

Even the most well-cared-for dogs end up with some stinky yuckiness every now and then. They don’t exactly have hands to wipe away their morning eye crusties, brush their own fur, or swipe away the drool [more…]

Use Photoshop to Achieve Sharpness in Your Dog Photos

No matter how skilled your trigger finger is, even the best photographers can sometimes end up with soft (or slightly out-of-focus) images. The good news? Photoshop has a pretty powerful feature for sharpening [more…]

Clear Cloudy Eyes in Photos of Senior Dogs

If you’ve ever met a senior dog with vision problems, you know the whitish cloud that can hang over the dog’s eyes. Sometimes caused by cataracts in an aging dog, this condition becomes even more apparent [more…]

Remove Background Distractions from Your Dog Photographs

You should always be cognizant of what’s going on in the background of your dog photos and compose your frame accordingly, but sometimes you can’t control every single detail of your background. Using [more…]

How to Choose the Right Resolution for Your Dog Photos

Essentially, photos come in two types — high-resolution ones you print and low-resolution ones you display on the web. Image resolution is talked about in [more…]

Promote Your Dog Photography Business Locally and Cheaply

Chances are you have a dog of your, and you’ve started a dog photography business, so why not put Sasquatch to work as well? Take him for an outing to your favorite dog park and let [more…]

Social Media Galleries and Dog Photography

These days, seemingly everyone is on a social media website, with Facebook leading the pack. Why not use your Facebook powers for good and upload those adorable puppy photos to share with the world? [more…]

Upload Dog Photography to Websites Directly from Workflow Application

After you purchase your domain name and hosting plan, you’re the official owner of an FTP (file transfer protocol) address where you can create a web gallery to share your dog photography. An FTP address [more…]

How to Print Your Dog Photos

Despite the world being so digitally oriented, you may at some point want physical prints of your dog photography to share or display on your walls. With just as many printing options as online sharing [more…]

Create a Business Plan and Set Goals for Your Dog Photography Business

If, after doing a bit of due diligence, you determine that the conditions are ripe to set up shop and photograph dogs for a living, your first major assignment is to create a business plan, which is basically [more…]

How to Brand Your Dog Photography Business

Your business’s brand is its reputation, its identity, its presence in the world. Thousands of people work as pet photographers, and your brand is what sets you apart from the pack. Your brand is the tangible [more…]

Legal Matters for Your Dog Photography Business

In order to be a legal and legit business, you need to file all kinds of paperwork and go through a few other steps. This isn’t necessarily the most fun part of starting the biz, but it’s the most necessary [more…]

Originality, Integrity, and Collegiality in Your Dog Photography Business

Pet photographers of all sorts are popping up like crazy. It’s a fast-growing industry, so chances are, you’re not the first one in your area to start this type of business. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t [more…]

Discover Your Client’s Needs, Expectations, and Reasons for the Photo Shoot

In addition to learning about your canine subject, you need to learn about your human client. Sometimes, this is even more vital, because the human is the one paying your fee [more…]

Confirm Details with Your Dog Photography Clients

As you find out more about your client’s needs and wants, you’ll know what session or package option is right for her and her god and you can discuss that with her. [more…]

Prepare Your Human and Canine Photography Clients

You should run through how the photo shoot is going to work with your human client ahead of time. This is a big piece of the shoot, actually, and it doesn’t even happen during the session itself. [more…]


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