Photographing Dogs

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How to Take Photos of Dogs Swimming

If your dog loves being in the water and is lucky enough to live near some, pack up your pooch and your camera and get out there! Water offers a bunch of opportunities for great photos: diving in, getting [more…]

How to Take Photos of Dogs Playing with Toys

When your dog's chewing becomes more intense during a photo session, you have to switch gears from lower shutter speeds to much faster shutter speeds to capture these fun “ruff”-housing images. Here are [more…]

When and Where to Shoot Dog Close-Up Photographs

If you want to get close-ups of your dog's good-looking features, you may have to sneak them in during some quieter moments when you can easily focus on the details without her jockeying for the next treat [more…]

Move in Close Versus Zoom from Afar for You Dog Photography

Instead of zooming in, set your camera lens to the widest focal length possible and move as close as you can to your dog. The wide-angle close-up creates a really cool image that makes viewers feel like [more…]

Capture the Details of Paws and Tails in Dog Photos

Each dog's unique features tell a lot of him. For example, what you want to convey about your pooch’s paws determines how you compose this detail shot, and a dog’s tail is such a huge part of him, even [more…]

Capture Unique Facial Features in Dog Photos

Dogs’ appearances vary as much as humans’ — well, even more so, seeing as how dogs are the most diverse species on the planet. Sometimes to capture the true personality of a pooch, you need to focus on [more…]

Capture Unique Personality Quirks in Dog Photos

Okay, so if your awesome furry friend has something weird, funny, or amazing about her looks, you definitely have to photograph it — and then post it on the Internet so she can become the next virtual [more…]

Embellish the Story with Pooch Paraphernalia in Dog Photography

Your dog’s world is full of dog things that help keep him healthy, safe, and happy, so why not turn those inanimate objects into elements in the story of his life? The objects may not seem like very dynamic [more…]

Record Special Moments between a Pooch and His People

If you want to capture some images of your favorite canine with his favorite humans (well, aside from you), think about what is specific to the relationship and aim to photograph at times that present [more…]

Get Group Shots with Crisp Detail from Depth of Field

Because depth of field is basically how much of your image is in focus and is determined by your aperture setting, understanding it is key to getting good group photos of your dogs or dogs and humans. [more…]

Give Clear Directions to Your Furless Models

Photographing dogs and humans at the same time . . . um . . . builds character. There’s no telling which species is easier to manage until you’re right in the midst of photographing, but one thing’s for [more…]

Family Portrait Including Dogs

The family portrait is a classic must-get, and you can go as traditional or creative as you’d like. Just remember to use depth of field and keep your subjects on the same plane. Generally, the easiest [more…]

Take the Photo of Humans and Dogs, Paw in Hand

There’s something so soft and gentle about a person holding her dog’s paw in her hand. It’s a favorite photo to get and one of those instances where you can feel the love without having to see much more [more…]

Take the Photo of Humans and Dogs, Face to Face

The possibilities with face-to-face photos are endless. Nothing melts your heart faster than an image of a dog and his human gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes. It just says everything about the true [more…]

Take Photos of Dogs in the Laps of Their Humans

The doggie-in-the-lap shot is an obvious choice for little pups, although plenty of 80-pound lap dogs are out there, and if they and their owners are game, you can try taking these shots with them, too [more…]

Dog Photography of Subjects Taking a Walk

A walk is a great opportunity to get some pretty dynamic photos. Whether it’s the quiet time humans and dogs share every morning before the rest of the neighborhood wakes up or the hustle and bustle of [more…]

Dog Photography of Dogs and Humans Playing

How do you capture a human and a dog playing together? In other words, your aim is to get both subjects in the frame. Here are some ideas for you to contemplate: [more…]

Choose a File Format and Save Your Dog Photography Images

Before you even visit the Save As dialog box, have an idea about how you’ll ultimately display your dog photographs, because this dictates the file format you choose. The two file formats you should concern [more…]

How to Take Photos Featuring Dogs and Babies

You may think trying to photograph a dog — a being that doesn’t understand English the same way humans do — is the pinnacle of difficulty. But you’d be wrong, because, see, babies don’t really know what [more…]

How to Take Photos Featuring Dogs and Seniors

Some of the most poignant human-dog relationships happen between dogs and senior citizens. Seeing how the two rely on each other and give each other so much love and companionship can be truly amazing [more…]

Computer Needs to Postprocess Dog Photography

Chances are, you already own a computer, and if you bought it within the last few years, it’s probably more than capable of handling your photo-editing needs for your dog photographs. Computer technology [more…]

Photo-Editing Software for Your Dog Photography

After you transfer your dog photos to your hard drive, it’s time to manage your image files and touch up any imperfections. Again, you need to take this step only if you’re serious about making the best [more…]

How to Download Your Dog Photos to Your Computer

One of the most anxiety-ridden parts of a photo session is the time between your last shot and the downloading that takes place back at the home office. This period is a little tense because you’re stuck [more…]

How to Back Up Your Dog Photos

If the photos you take of your dog are precious to you, be sure to maintain backup copies of all your work. Nothing is worse than having your hard drive inexplicably die and realizing that every photo [more…]

How to Import Your Dog Photos to Lightroom

When you import your dog photos to Lightroom, you don’t actually move or copy files to the program. Instead, you create a link to the place where those photos live on your computer. In addition, Lightroom [more…]


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