Photographing Dogs

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Allow Light to Determine When You Photograph Dogs

Take a second to ponder all the moments of your pooch’s life that you want to try to capture. That’s the first step to deciding when to pull out your camera. Do you want to photograph mealtime? Playtime [more…]

Use Your Built-in Flash for Dog Photography

When all else fails and you simply can’t achieve a fast enough shutter speed with only the available natural light, it’s time to turn to your flash for some supplemental light during your dog photography [more…]

How to Light Photos of Sleeping Dogs

One of the photos you probably want to take is of your dog in a relaxed, resting state. These shots are fairly easy to get, considering the amount of time dogs spend loafing around during the day. [more…]

How to Take Dog Photos with Furniture

Not everyone lets his furry friends share the sofa, overtake the ottoman, or divvy up the davenport. For those who do, you can learn how to incorporate Brownie’s favorite chair into a great photograph. [more…]

Dog Photos with Floors, Doors, and Common Areas Included

You may be surprised by how ordinary household areas can turn into stunning backdrops for your dog photos. Look around your house, office, or other indoor locales for things like [more…]

Fill Flash and Dog Photography

Occasionally when photographing dogs outdoors you need supplemental lighting, or fill flash. Even though it sounds like it refers to a piece of equipment, [more…]

Adjust for Extra-Bright Locations during Dog Photography Sessions

Photographing dogs in extra-bright locations, like the beach, presents a lighting challenge. In the case of the beach, so much light reflects off the water that it fools your camera’s light sensor into [more…]

Typical Location Shots for Dog Photography

All sorts of options for outdoor dog photographs are just waiting beyond your front door, but before you pack your bags and head off into the wilderness with Buster, take stock of the wonderful natural [more…]

City Locations for Dog Photography Sessions

If you live in a city with not many parks or other greenery, find locations for your dog photo shoots that have other types of color. You can go literal with this approach by finding public art, vibrantly [more…]

Beach, Lake, or River Locations for Dog Photographs

A lot of dogs love water, so even though photographing at the beach, lake, or river is challenging, it’s worth it if your pooch is part fish. Taking him to the water can result in some great photos of [more…]

Pool Locations for Dog Photographs

If you have access to a private pool, let Victor have free reign of a personal body of water for some great shots! Photographing at the pool is similar to shooting at natural bodies of water, so similar [more…]

How to Take Dog Photographs in the Snow

If your dog pal likes the snow, it’s a really fun environment to use for photos. Whether she’s bounding over drifts or digging through piles of freshly fallen flakes, taking Phoebe out for a frolic yields [more…]

How to Take Dog Photographs in the Car

It’s a car ride, man, and next to eating and sleeping, it’s probably your dog’s favorite thing. Her eyes are closed in bliss, her ears are tucked back in the most aerodynamic of positions, her tongue and [more…]

Create Clean Backgrounds for Studio-Style Dog Portraits

The first thing you need for studio-style dog portraits is a suitable background. Photographers generally use seamless background paper to get the job done, and you can buy this special paper in all different [more…]

Position Lights Just Right for Studio-Style Dog Portraits

Being in control of your light source’s direction means that you can get some drastically different looks by simply repositioning your lights during your dog photography sessions. The most basic lighting [more…]

How to Take Posed Dog Portraits

Studio-style portraits come in a variety of styles, each of which serves its own purpose. Don’t fret if you’re left feeling uninspired by a plain-paper backdrop approach. Whether you want to document your [more…]

Photojournalistic Photos in Dog Photography

Photos you take in the studio don’t always have to be posed. Some of the greatest shots come from shooting on the fly and catching your dog doing something spontaneous and unplanned. Be sure to spend some [more…]

How to Photograph Doggie Kisses

Among the most obvious types of canine PDA (that’s “poochie displays of affection”) are dog kisses! Before you say “Ew, gross!” and slather this book with hand sanitizer, keep in mind that a full-on make-out [more…]

How to Take Dog Photography Action Shots

You can take action photos of a dog anytime she decides to play, but a more coordinated effort sets you up for success. You want to consider such factors as your dog’s natural energy and routine, the energy [more…]

Light-Filled and Fun Dog Photography Action Shots

The most important variable for action photos of your dog is available light. Because action shots require you to shoot at such a high shutter speed, the more light you have, the easier your job is. You [more…]

Set Your Shutter-Priority Mode for Dog Action Shots

Because your dog will be moving at lightning-fast speed during most of these activities, you should adjust your camera settings before you start the activity. Switch to shutter-priority [more…]

Memory Card Rate Speed for Dog Action Shots

When shooting action photos of dogs, you should shoot a lot because things change so much from one second to the next. Clicking constantly helps ensure that you capture the exact moment you’re looking [more…]

How to Take Photos of Dogs Stretching

You may think it’s a stretch to photograph a dog stretching, but stretching is most likely part of your dog’s daily ritual, and it can actually make for a pretty striking image. Most dogs stretch in a [more…]

How to Take Photos of Dogs Chewing

Let’s face it: Most dogs chew, and you might want to photograph an action shot. Whether he’s laying into his favorite toy or your favorite shoes, chewing is probably a big part of your pooch’s life. Unless [more…]

How to Take Photos of Dogs Running/Fetching

Fetch! It’s the quintessential doggie delight. Humans and canines alike give countless hours and lost balls over to this hypnotic (albeit slobbery) pastime. Not all dogs play fetch, but if yours does, [more…]


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