Photographing Dogs

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Depth of Field in Aperture-Priority Mode during Dog Photography

Manipulating your depth of field is a fantastic way to home in on specific details of your image and draw the viewer’s eye exactly where you want it—to your dog's expressive eyes or wagging tail. [more…]

Understand How Dogs Communicate during Photo Sessions

Even though dogs can’t talk, they have plenty to tell you, as long as you know how to listen. They’re keen observers, interpreters, and givers of nonverbal cues. They know how to read energy, and they [more…]

Know What Motivates Your Subjects during Dog Photo Sessions

Knowing what keeps your dog wanting to listen and perform is what you should use as a reward during your photo sessions. Lots of fun and rewards ensure success. [more…]

Lens Types to Consider for Dog Photography

If you shoot your dog photos with a digital SLR, a camera lens is an essential piece of the photography puzzle. Often, you can find digital SLR cameras sold as bundled packages that already include an [more…]

Use Natural Light in Dog Photography

Light takes on many different forms in its natural state, from extremely bright midday sun to the soft rays of dawn and everything in between. In dog photography, natural outdoor light is your best friend [more…]

Selective Focusing during Dog Photography

If you’re using a single AF point for more focus control, understanding how to use selective focusing during your dog photography sessions is imperative. Without this technique, you have to quickly change [more…]

Maximize Your Compact Digital Camera for Dog Photography

You don’t need a digital SLR for dog photography, but if you’re working with a compact digital camera, it’s still important to understand camera basics if you want to make the most of your camera. In today’s [more…]

Background and Perspective during Dog Photography

The dog you're photographing should always remain the star of the show. A big part of that is making sure your background is just that — the background. The background shouldn’t pull attention from the [more…]

Choose What to Leave in and What to Leave Out of Dog Photographs

You don’t always have to include all of the scene or subject in your image. Sometimes you can create a much more interesting image by leaving things out. When photographing your dog, cropping creatively [more…]

Before Your Dog Photo Shoot Session

A photo shoot starts before you even take your camera out of the bag! Thinking through your session and mentally preparing for what’s ahead helps ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. When [more…]

How to Introduce the Camera to a Dog

For some dogs, new things are exciting and interesting, but for others, they can be scary. Even if your dog is on the confident side, get down on the ground and let the dog sniff your camera and equipment [more…]

Photograph Your Dog in His Favorite Places

Time for mental inventory-taking when choosing a spot to photograph your dog. Think about the different rooms in your house. Take a little tour, even. That may sound silly, given that you [more…]

Make the Most of Natural Light for Dog Photography

Sometimes, you can photograph dogs indoors with natural light if you’re careful about choosing the right time of day and the appropriate room to get the job done, sans alien eyes [more…]

External Flash Power and Dog Photography

Another option for adding supplemental light to your dog photos is to use an external flash unit. These are battery-operated units that connect to your camera’s hot shoe and provide much more flexibility [more…]

Keep Time on Your Side during Dog Photography Sessions

When photographing dogs outside, the best time to shoot is in the morning or late afternoon. Of course, every location is different, depending on things like trees, hills, and other features that create [more…]

Scout Your Outdoor Location for Dog Photography

Where you and Titan venture for your outdoor shoot is entirely up to you. The main points to remember are that the area should be safe and secure, dog-friendly, and somewhat familiar to you. You can even [more…]

Pick the Perfect Time of Day for Outdoor Dog Photos

Pay attention to the light in your yard or favorite outdoor areas at different times of day when determining where to conduct your dog photography sessions. Notice how the light changes from orange to [more…]

Weather and Seasons Impact Dog Photography

As with any general statements, guidelines about the best time of day to photograph dogs outdoors change depending on different variables — in this case, the weather and seasons. With each variable comes [more…]

Choose Affordable Lights for Studio-Style Dog Portraits

Studio lights come in two varieties: hot lights, which are akin to really strong light bulbs and stay on continuously, and strobes, which use flash tubes to create powerful bursts of light. For dog photography [more…]

Pan for Motion Blur during Dog Photography Sessions

Panning is a technique that photographers use for some very unique-looking action shots, but panning dogs in motion takes a lot of practice. Even the most skilled photographers have to take lots of panned [more…]

Follow the Rule of Thirds when Photographing Dogs

When lining up a shot, it’s practically instinct for beginning photographers to put the subject of their photo (in this case, the dog) right smack in the middle of their frame, but other options often [more…]

Frame the Subject and Establish Balance when Photographing Dogs

A viewer has a lot of places to look within a photograph. When you want to put some extra power behind drawing your viewer to the dog you're photographing, you can use a technique called [more…]

Create Dog Photographs in Color versus Black and White

All digital cameras record color photographs by default, but most have a monochrome mode for black-and-white photography. It’s up to you which mode you prefer to photograph dogs in, but shooting in color [more…]

Draw Out a Camera-Shy Dog during a Photo Shoot

Patience is the key with a camera-shy dog. Because the dog is experiencing fear, the goal is to help him build up confidence and to feel secure around the camera. Doing so takes a while, but it’s totally [more…]

How to Deal with a Vocal Dog during a Photo Shoot

Dogs bark for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes they’re scared, sometimes they’re demanding, and sometimes they’re just being needy. If your dog’s barking starts up during your photo session, you can try [more…]


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