Finding and Adopting a Dog

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Shih Tzu: The Ultimate Companion Dog

If you thought there was just something about the Shih Tzu's temperament that makes it a great furry friend to have around, you aren't wrong. Shih Tzu have been bred for generations to be the ultimate [more…]

Are You the Right Type for a Labrador Retriever?

You may be sure that you're ready for a dog, but are you the right kind of companion for a Labrador Retriever? To thrive, these energetic dogs require exercise, space, companionship, and good health care [more…]

Boston Terriers — Personality Aplenty

With a nickname like "American Gentleman," you can expect your Boston Terrier to be good-natured, intelligent, and polite with a sense of humor. But like many American gentlemen, they embody a little bit [more…]

Choosing a Healthy Poodle

No matter where your Poodle comes from, she should be healthy. You may feel sorry for the sick puppy in the corner, but don't take her home. Start with a healthy Poodle, and look for the following: [more…]

How to Recognize Adjustment Problems in Your New Adopted Dog

Adopted dogs often make the transition to their new homes with only minor problems. Occasionally, however, adopted dogs suffer from more severe transitional issues such as anxiety, fear, and extreme hyperactivity [more…]

How to Find an Animal Shelter for Dog Adoptions

Many locations have excellent animal shelter facilities that work hard to pair the right dogs with the right people. When it comes to finding a place to adopt a dog, you just need to know where to look [more…]

How to Adopt a Dog from a Shelter

An animal shelter is a great place to go if you want to adopt a dog, but you can’t just waltz into most shelters and waltz out with a new puppy — they have rules about adoption. Animal shelters need certain [more…]

How to Adopt a Dog through a Rescue Group

Rescue groups provide a more personal approach to adopting a dog than an animal shelter or buying a puppy from a store or breeder. Rescue groups essentially are networks of animal devotees who rescue and [more…]

Questions Rescue Groups May Ask before You Adopt a Dog

Rescue groups have great expectations. They want you to provide the perfect new home for a rescued dog. Animal rescuers have seen plenty of bad pet parenting, and the point of the entire rescue adoption [more…]

How to Prepare Your Home for a Dog

Dog-proofing your home is important both for curious puppies and for adult dogs who don’t yet know what’s acceptable and what’s off limits in your home. Although an adult dog may not even consider gnawing [more…]

How to Decide between Puppy or Adult Dog Adoption

The advantages of getting a puppy are obvious: Puppies are adorable, sweet, and cuddly, plus you get to train them from the get-go. On the other hand, choosing an adult dog often brings you an already [more…]

How to Pick Your Preference: Male or Female Dog?

For most people, the choice of whether to choose a male dog or a female dog comes down to personal preference. You should consider some differences, however, because even spaying and neutering doesn’t [more…]

How to Read a “Dog for Sale” Ad

When you decide you want to buy a puppy of a specific breed, the words used in the ads or flyers announcing dogs for sale can give you clues to help you determine whether the seller has real experience [more…]

How to Choose a Puppy from a Pet Store

Buying your puppy from a reputable breeder is always your best bet for obtaining a healthy, happy dog. But if you absolutely fall in love with that face in the pet store window, and just can’t resist those [more…]

How to Test a Puppy’s Temperament

Before you bring a new dog into your home, consider how the pup's personality will mesh with your own — and with those who share your household.

The three temperament types you'll find among dogs are are [more…]

Using Activity Levels to Decide What Dog to Choose

You can sometimes gauge a breed’s activity level by looking at the work it was bred to perform — a dog bred to run or hunt needs more consistent physical activity than a guarding breed trained to work [more…]

How to Choose a Dog Based on Fur Type

When picking a preferred type of dog, you may consider what kind of fur the breed will be sharing with your household. All dogs are covered with fur, except for the hairless Chinese Crested and a couple [more…]

How to Factor In Intelligence When Evaluating Dog Breeds

Intelligence is fairly irrelevant when predicting how well a dog is going to work as a member of your family. What’s more important is trainability or biddability, qualities that describe how much — or [more…]

How to Pick a Pug Puppy for a Pet

Before you select a Pug to share your household, do some research into the breed and know what to look for in a healthy puppy. Pugs can live 12-15 years, so you'll want to choose carefully before making [more…]

What to Look For in a Reputable Beagle Breeder

As you research options for finding a healthy Beagle to bring into your home as a new pet, consider well-respected, dependable breeders. These guidelines can help you determine whether a breeder has a [more…]

Things to Buy before Bringing Your Puppy Home

If you plan to get a new puppy (or just did), be sure to have the following essential items either before, or shortly after, you bring your puppy into its new home. [more…]

How to Adopt a Yorkshire Terrier from a Rescue Organization

Many Yorkshire Terriers are waiting patiently for new homes in breed rescue programs. Adopting a Yorkshire Terrier from a rescue organization is a great way to find a lovable companion. Many of these dogs [more…]

How to Adopt a Dachshund from a Rescue Organization

Many Dachshunds are waiting patiently for new homes in breed rescue programs. Adopting a Dachshund from a rescue organization is a great way to find a lovable companion. Many of these dogs are wonderful [more…]

How to Adopt a Beagle from a Rescue Organization

Many Beagles are waiting patiently for new homes in breed rescue programs. Adopting a Beagle from a rescue organization is a great way to find a lovable companion if you don't mind getting an adult dog [more…]

Is the Labrador Retriever the Right Breed for You?

Is the Labrador Retriever the right breed for you? This relatively simple question is vitally important. Too many people get a Labrador Retriever on a whim — without any thought as to how that breed will [more…]


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