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Puppy-Proofing Your Home

Take extra care to protect your puppy from accidents at home, where many household dangers exist in the form of poisons, indigestibles, and obstacles. Remember, none of the suggestions here should take [more…]

Non-Core Vaccines for Puppies

Vaccines can help prevent numerous diseases in puppies. Your veterinarian will recommend many different vaccines for your puppy. Core vaccines are considered essential because the diseases they prevent [more…]

Looking at Puppy Food Labels

Read the food labels of your puppy's dog food and remember that each food must meet specific nutritional standards. How each food arrives at those standards is what you need to evaluate. The nutritional [more…]

Tick Prevention and Removal for Puppies

Ticks are blood-sucking parasites that prefer furry creatures such as puppies, but they settle for humans in a pinch. You can help prevent ticks from latching onto your puppy and learn how to remove them [more…]

Treating a Puppy's Ear Mites and Mange Mites

Ear mites and mange mites can be found on your puppy's skin or in their coat. Before treating for these parasites, get a diagnosis from your vet to ensure the treatment is parasite-specific [more…]

Heartworms and Other Internal Parasites that Affect Puppies

Heartworms and other internal parasites are more of a health hazard to dogs and puppies than external parasites. Internal parasites are especially dangerous to puppies because they can really mess with [more…]

Core Vaccines for Puppies

Vaccines can help prevent numerous diseases in puppies. Many highly contagious bacteria and viruses can wreak havoc on a puppy’s internal system, causing vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, fever, and loss of [more…]

Helpful Websites about Dogs

If you want information about Pomeranians, or dogs in general, a number of websites are available. You can find information regarding dog adoption, health, training, boarding, and competitions on the following [more…]

When to Call Your Pomeranian's Veterinarian

Living with a Pomeranian, or any pet, for many years, means dealing with illness. It's important to recognize signs of serious illness in your Pom and get help immediately. Keep your veterinarian's number [more…]

Removing Household Hazards for Your Pomeranian

Make sure you dog-proof your house to keep your Pomeranian safe. Dogs are curious — they chew things, run under furniture, and squeeze into tiny spaces. Do a room-by-room search thoroughly checking for [more…]

Interpreting Your Dog's Barking

Though your dog won't "talk" to you in English, you can interpret both her intentions and immediate desires if you know what to listen for. The following table outlines the range of sounds dogs make, providing [more…]

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