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Giving Your Dog His Medicine

There aren't many food items that some dog lover hasn't popped a pill into to try to get their dog to eat it. Peanut butter and hot dogs have always been popular, but cheese [more…]

Living with a Blind Dog

Blind dogs can live comfortably. Some sightles canines take quite a while to even recognize the full limitations of their handicap, since vision usually diminishes progressively and isn't a dog's primary [more…]

Prepping the House for Your Puppy's Arrival

Prepping your home for a new puppy is much like setting up a nursery. Like formal preparations for bringing home a baby, readying the house before you get your puppy will take a load off your mind when [more…]

Winterizing Your Beagle

Keeping your Beagle happy, healthy, and comfortable in all seasons isn't hard to do. The Snoopy-dog is a hardy soul, and a few adjustments are all that's needed to keep her in tip-top condition all year [more…]

Beagle-Proofing Your Yard

Your Beagle needs clear, consistent boundaries not only to stay in your good graces, but also just to stay safe. Those boundaries start with the outdoors: specifically, with enclosing part or your entire [more…]

Boston Terrier Health Watch: Teeth, Gums, and Jaw

With their short, broad heads and flat faces, Boston Terriers don't have a lot of space for their jaws and teeth. As a result, their jaws may develop abnormally and their mouths tend to be crowded, causing [more…]

The Source of a Dog's Allergies

Several dog breeds, such as Golden Retrievers, are highly predisposed to allergies. Some allergies are seasonal, some appear at various life stages, and some skin diseases become lifelong problems requiring [more…]

Deciding on a Doghouse

If your dog spends much time outside — while you're at work, perhaps — he needs shelter from heat and cold. One of the easiest ways to provide this is by getting a doghouse. You only have two choices here [more…]

Preventing Your Puppy from Getting Lost

Although any dog can become lost at any time, sticking around home is especially hard for a puppy or a newly adopted dog to do. After all, he's still not sure where [more…]

Lengthening Your Senior Dog's Life

As much as you want your dog to live forever — or even as long as you do — the sad truth is that your canine companion is neither immortal nor able to match the average human being's life span. However [more…]

Choosing a Veterinarian for Your Pet

You and your veterinarian work together to keep your pet healthy, and you want to have a good working relationship. Choosing a reputable veterinarian requires your time and attention. [more…]

Assembling a First-Aid Kit for Your Dog

A basic, in-home first-aid kit could prove invaluable as you and your dog go through life together. You could have your dog from puppyhood to old age and never encounter an emergency situation — or you [more…]

Helping Your Dog Combat Allergies

Dogs with allergies don't usually sneeze or get runny noses like people do. (A few do, however.) Instead, they itch and scratch, chew, lick, and rub their feet, ears, belly, and any part of their body [more…]

Easing the Itchiness on Your Pomeranian

The most common allergens for dogs are flea saliva, pollens, dust mites, and food. If your Pomeranian is itching to scratch for any reason, you can ease the itch at home with several treatments. Here are [more…]

Giving CPR to a Small Dog

If your small dog collapses and stops breathing, you have no time to lose. You can perform CPR on your pet, preferably while someone else transports you both to the emergency vet clinic. [more…]

Tending to Your Bulldog's Health

A Bulldog isn't high maintenance, but she does need more care than you may think. The Bully doesn't have a lot of thick, fluffy undercoat to worry about, but Bulldogs do need care. [more…]

Adapting the Environment for Your Senior Dog

Dogs are incredibly adaptable individuals, so a senior pooch with mobility issues will most likely do whatever he can to keep himself moving when necessary. But you can help him deal with his loss of locomotion [more…]

Slimming Down a Pudgy Puppy

Just like humans, too much food and too little physical activity has led to an increase in pudgy pups. And that increase means a lot of dogs are dealing with health problems related to the extra fat they [more…]

Finding an Ideal Dog Kennel

The best way to find the right kennel for your dog is to visit the boarding kennels in your area before you need one. The day you drop off your dog is not the time to discover dirty conditions or broken [more…]

Helping Your Dog Adjust to a Move

If you're moving to a new home, one of the best ways to prepare your Labrador Retriever (or any dog) is to keep everything as normal as possible. Take a break from moving preparations to engage in your [more…]

Hiring a Pet Sitter for Your Dog

Finding someone reliable who is willing to stay with your dog or drop in on him several times during the day while you're away can be a better alternative than boarding your dog in a kennel. He'll get [more…]

Avoiding Kennel Cough

Boarding kennels take some heat over kennel cough, an upper-respiratory infection that's as contagious as sniffles in a daycare center. In fact, some kennel operators even find the name a little pejorative [more…]

Preventing Rabies

Rabies is caused by a viral infection of the nervous system. Most cases of rabies in the United States occur in wild animals. Because dogs share territory with wild animals, they're at risk of being bitten [more…]

How to Clean Your Dog’s Ears

Cleaning your dog’s ears is a fairly uncomplicated job. Some breeds — notably sporting dogs and hounds — have a predilection for ear infections and injuries because of their hanging or drooping ears. These [more…]

How to Empty Your Dog’s Anal Sacs

If your dog suddenly takes scooting along the carpet to wipe her butt, you may be in for a real treat — the dubious pleasure of expressing your best friend’s anal sacs. Lots of licking or chewing of his [more…]


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