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Dachshunds: Competing in Field Trials

Dachshunds are one of only a handful of dog breeds eligible to participate in field trials. The purpose of fieldtrials is to give breeds designed for field work the opportunity to exercise their natural [more…]

Preventing Rabies

Rabies is caused by a viral infection of the nervous system. Most cases of rabies in the United States occur in wild animals. Because dogs share territory with wild animals, they're at risk of being bitten [more…]

How to Recognize Adjustment Problems in Your New Adopted Dog

Adopted dogs often make the transition to their new homes with only minor problems. Occasionally, however, adopted dogs suffer from more severe transitional issues such as anxiety, fear, and extreme hyperactivity [more…]

Gathering Brushes and Combs for a Dog Grooming Session

Before you get started with brushing or combing your dog, gather all the tools you need for the grooming session. Having everything you need in one place and within reach makes the brushing and combing [more…]

How to Brush Your Dog

Regular brushing and combing helps keep your dog’s coat and skin healthy and looking good and to get the full benefits, you need to brush all the hair and not just the top coat. The most common brushing [more…]

How to Untangle Matted Dog Hair with Grooming Tools

Brushing or combing out mats and tangles can cause any dog a great deal of discomfort. Your first step to avoid pain to your pet is to stop pulling on mats of hair after you find them. Instead, to gently [more…]

How to Give Your Dog a Bath

Before the introduction of grooming products designed for dogs, bathing your dog frequently may have stripped out essential oils and dried out his coat. Today, specially formulated dog shampoos, conditioners [more…]

How to Trim Your Dog’s Toenails

Unless your dog runs around on hard surfaces that help keep toenails short, you have to clip them about once a week — if you hear them clicking on a hard surface, it’s time for a trim. [more…]

How to Clean Your Dog’s Ears

Cleaning your dog’s ears is a fairly uncomplicated job. Some breeds — notably sporting dogs and hounds — have a predilection for ear infections and injuries because of their hanging or drooping ears. These [more…]

How to Empty Your Dog’s Anal Sacs

If your dog suddenly takes scooting along the carpet to wipe her butt, you may be in for a real treat — the dubious pleasure of expressing your best friend’s anal sacs. Lots of licking or chewing of his [more…]

How to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

Dogs don’t get cavities the way humans do, but they can develop plaque, tartar, and gingivitis — all of which contribute to foul breath and tooth problems. Trips to the veterinarian can be costly, so it [more…]

How to Help Your Dog Have Healthy Teeth

Beyond brushing your dog’s teeth, you can help keep your canine companion’s canines clean in a variety of ways. Most of the methods have something to do with feeding your dog the right kind of food and [more…]

How to Get Rid of Your Dog’s Tear Stains

Tear stains show up as brown, gunky stuff that runs from your dog’s eye down the muzzle. Although they’re unsightly, they’re natural for some breeds. You have a variety of methods to choose from to clean [more…]

What to Consider before You Adopt a Dog

You have to factor in a whole range of issues when you start thinking about adopting a dog. Merely realizing that you’re a dog person isn’t enough to justify adopting a pup. You need to consider whether [more…]

Adopting Rescued or Shelter Dogs: Pros and Cons

An animal shelter is a great place to adopt a dog, and a great place to start a search for your canine companion. But adopting an animal from a shelter or a rescue group isn’t for everyone. You definitely [more…]

How to Find an Animal Shelter for Dog Adoptions

Many locations have excellent animal shelter facilities that work hard to pair the right dogs with the right people. When it comes to finding a place to adopt a dog, you just need to know where to look [more…]

How to Adopt a Dog from a Shelter

An animal shelter is a great place to go if you want to adopt a dog, but you can’t just waltz into most shelters and waltz out with a new puppy — they have rules about adoption. Animal shelters need certain [more…]

How to Adopt a Dog through a Rescue Group

Rescue groups provide a more personal approach to adopting a dog than an animal shelter or buying a puppy from a store or breeder. Rescue groups essentially are networks of animal devotees who rescue and [more…]

Questions Rescue Groups May Ask before You Adopt a Dog

Rescue groups have great expectations. They want you to provide the perfect new home for a rescued dog. Animal rescuers have seen plenty of bad pet parenting, and the point of the entire rescue adoption [more…]

How to Prepare Your Home for a Dog

Dog-proofing your home is important both for curious puppies and for adult dogs who don’t yet know what’s acceptable and what’s off limits in your home. Although an adult dog may not even consider gnawing [more…]

How to Help Your Dog Avoid Poisons

Many of the things poisonous to humans also are poisonous to dogs, but dogs also can react —sometimes severely — to substances some humans can’t live without, chocolate, for example. [more…]

How to Supply Essential Accessories for Your Dog

Dogs don’t require thousands of accessories, and you certainly don’t need to spend a fortune to equip your dog. However, to be able to manage and train your dog successfully, you need some basic items [more…]

How to Introduce Your Dog to Allowable Potty Spots

Adult dogs and puppies need to know where they are allowed to go to the bathroom. Housetraining problems are among the chief reasons people give up their dogs to animal shelters, so managing this issue [more…]

How to Introduce Your Dog to His Kennel or Crate

A kennel or crate can help your dog feel safe and comfortable in his new home, because you're providing the security of a den. Whether it’s a plastic crate, a wire kennel, or a portable wire enclosure [more…]

How to Introduce Your New Dog to Your Household

The more people your dog meets in a pleasant and positive environment, the better socialized she becomes. Your dog first must get to know you and the other adults in your household. These introductions [more…]

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