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Maintaining the Perfect Cat Diet

If cats ran the pet-food industry, the recipe for a good, nutritious meal would read as follows:

"Take one small mouse from the freezer. Thaw. Put in a blender and hit frappé. Serve at feline body temperature [more…]

Clipping Your Cat's Claws

The hardest part of clipping your cat's claws is getting your cat to cooperate. Sometimes this task requires a tremendous amount of patience. But remember, if you get only one claw done a night, don't [more…]

Giving Herbs to Pets

You can save your pets needless trauma and save yourself expensive veterinary bills by using your herbal medicine chest or herb garden as a pet pharmacy. To start using healing pet herbs, try these common [more…]

Introducing Your New Yorkshire Terrier to Other Family Pets

Your human children, if you have any, are probably gleeful that the new Yorkie is finally home. Your other animal companions, however, may be much less enthusiastic. Your task is to make the introductions [more…]

Keeping a Pet-Friendly Home Clean

If you lay down a few ground rules, sharing your home with an animal needn't mean too much extra work. Don't worry that you might not be able to train your animal well enough to follow house rules — the [more…]

Choosing a Cat or Kitten: Which Is Better for You?

When people think about adding a cat to their lives, they seem to automatically think "kitten." And why not? A kitten seems to make perfect sense, a little fluffball who'll grow into your household and [more…]

Questions to Ask a Cat Breeder

Reputable breeders are not only happy to answer questions but also welcome them as the sign of the caring buyer they want to share their cats and kittens with. You can find out a lot about the breeder [more…]

Dealing with Hairballs

Veterinarians call them trichobezoars, but cat lovers call them "hairballs," or, more commonly, simply "gross." Whatever you call them, hairballs are a normal part of living with a cat and are usually [more…]

Beyond Cats and Dogs: Adopting a Small-Animal Pet

Adopting a pet doesn't always mean taking home a dog or cat — animal shelters and rescue groups have small pets available for adoption, as well. Pet adoption includes birds, ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs [more…]

Considering Euthanasia for Your Pet

Euthanasia, the technical term for putting a dog to sleep, is one of the hardest decisions you will ever make, and it doesn't get any easier, no matter how many times over the years you face it. Your veterinarian [more…]

Caring for Kitty Teeth

Ensuring healthy teeth and gums for your cat is one area where you and your veterinarian must work together. Dental scalings and polishings by your veterinarian are an important part of preventive medicine [more…]

Choosing a Veterinarian for Your Pet

You and your veterinarian work together to keep your pet healthy, and you want to have a good working relationship. Choosing a reputable veterinarian requires your time and attention. [more…]

Understanding Feline Vaccinations

Call them "shots" if you want, but vaccinations deserve a lot of respect for cutting the rates of infectious disease in cats. A series of vaccines for kittens and annual vaccines for cats are still believed [more…]

Controlling Feline Parasites

Cats pick up all kinds of parasites -- both internal pests, such as worms, and external ones, such as fleas and ear mites. Your veterinarian may ask you to bring in a fresh stool sample to check for the [more…]

Choosing a Child's First Pet

When choosing a child's first pet, people often think first of small animals such as gerbils, hamsters, rabbits, and chicks. Although small animals can indeed make great pets for responsible, gentle children [more…]

Antifreeze and Pets — a Lethal Combination

Without a doubt, antifreeze is the most dangerous item in your garage. Autumn, when people are changing their radiator fluid, is the time of greatest danger. Antifreeze is apparently sweet and pleasant-tasting [more…]

Animal Shelters Offer Pet Adoptions

When adopting a pet, consider your local animal shelter. Animal shelters take in those that are abandoned, found wandering, or are without apparent owners and causing a nuisance. Shelters adopt animals [more…]

Providing the Basics for Your Kitten

The day your new kitten comes home to stay is bound to be memorable and, hopefully, fun for all involved. To make your pet feel right at home from the start, be sure to have these feline-friendly items [more…]

How to Choose a Kitten for a Pet

When picking out a kitten, you want to find one that’s healthy, happy, and ready to be a positive addition to your family. You want a kitten that demonstrates [more…]

How to Avoid Things That Will Hurt Your Kitten

As much as your kitten has his own personality, he is not a person, and things that you use or eat every day can be very bad news for your kitten should he swallow them. This table lists foods, medicines [more…]

Questions to Ask Your Vet When Your Kitten Is Sick

The veterinarian is your kitten’s friend, although an animal care pro you don’t want to see all the time. If your kitten has to visit the vet for an illness or injury, ask your vet these questions to explore [more…]

How to Detect Kitten Emergencies

You usually don’t have to do much to keep your kitten healthy. But kittens are rambunctious, not to mention curious, and your small feline bundle of fur may encounter something that necessitates a quick [more…]

Kittens For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Who can resist a kitten — a fuzzy bundle of mad antics and big, winsome eyes? If you’re contemplating getting a kitten, you need to know what traits to look for, what supplies to have on hand, and what [more…]

Preventive Healthcare for Your Cat

Preventive care for your cat — just like for you — is more cost-effective than crisis care, and easier on both your pet and your bank account in the long run. The following lists give you some preventive-care [more…]

A Start-Up Kit for Kittens and Adult Cats

Whether you’re adopting a playful kitten or a full-grown cat, you want to welcome your new feline friend to his or her new home by having all the essentials already in place. The following list contains [more…]


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