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Quicken 2014 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If you're an investor (particularly a small business owner or real estate investor) or an individual dealing with personal finances, Quicken 2014 can simplify your life. Check out this information and [more…]

4 Tricks for Better Budgeting and Planning

While Quicken 2014 can help you maintain a budget and take control of your finances, there are four things you can do to make your budgeting and day-to-day financial planning more effective and more efficient [more…]

5 Tips to Simplify Investment-Related Taxes

For some people, investment activity really complicates annual tax return preparation. In fact, without too much trouble, some people manage to so complicate their tax returns due to their investing, that [more…]

10 Tips to Help Strengthen Your Retirement Plan

Although finding a good personal financial planner is hard, there are some things you can do on your own to strengthen your retirement plan. Here are ten tips on how to get your retirement plan in better [more…]

10 Things to Do If Your Account Doesn't Balance

Sometimes when you're reconciling an account in Quicken 2014, things just don't seem to, well, balance. Here are ten quick tips on what to do when your account doesn't balance: [more…]

Straight Talk on Quicken Flavors

Do you ever find yourself wondering which version of Quicken is right for your situation? Intuit confuses us all, a little bit, right? Starter, Deluxe, Premium editions, and then there are those [more…]

4 Tips to Simplify Your Bookkeeping

Okay, you've decided to use Quicken 2014 to track your small business or rental property transactions, and that's a great decision. However, doing this entails a certain amount of work and discipline on [more…]

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