Setting Up Quicken 2013

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How to Work with the Quicken 2013 Budget Windows

To get to the Quicken 2013 window in which you enter your budget, click the Planning tab and click the Budgets button. This causes Quicken to display the Budgets window — though the window won’t show any [more…]

How to Set Up a New File in Quicken 2013 or 2014

As part of setting up Quicken, you create what Quicken calls a file: a place where Quicken stores all your accounts (bank accounts, credit card accounts, investment accounts, and so on). To set up a new [more…]

How to Set Up a Credit Card Account in Quicken 2013

If you want to track credit card spending and balances with Quicken 2013, you must set up a special credit card account. (In comparison, you use bank accounts to track other things, such as the money that [more…]

How to Describe Your Banking to Quicken 2013 or Quicken 2014

If you haven’t used Quicken before or are starting from scratch, the first time you start Quicken 2013 or 2014, the program shows a home page that includes a big Get Started button in [more…]

How to Set Up An Additional Bank Account in Quicken 2013 or 2014

When you first began working with Quicken — and this may have been only a few minutes ago with new Quicken 2014 software, or several years ago — you were prompted to set up an account. And you probably [more…]

Add Categories to the Quicken 2013 or 2014 Category List

Quicken 2013 or 2014 supplies categories to, well, categorize your spending. If the predefined categories list is missing a category you want, you can always add your own. Adding individual categories [more…]

Add Categories from a Situational List in Quicken 2013 or 2014

Quicken keeps lists of categories that are standard for people in certain situations, including Quicken users who are married, homeowners, real estate investors, and business owners. [more…]

How to Set Up Tags in Quicken 2013 or 2014

Quicken 2013 and 2014 provide a tool called tags, which lets you summarize transactions in addition to the way you summarize transactions with categories. [more…]

How to Set Up Security Lists in Quicken 2013

Typically, a brokerage account probably contains more than one type of security. You may have shares of Boeing, General Motors, or Google. You name it, and someone owns it. Therefore, a brokerage account [more…]

How to Set Up a Business the Quicken 2013 Way

To use Quicken 2013 for small business bookkeeping, you need to describe each business you or your spouse operates. For example, if you work as a one-person consultant, and your spouse runs a landscape [more…]

How to Set Up a Rental Property in Quicken 2013 or 2014

The Quicken Rental Property Manager provides everything available in Quicken 2013 or 2014. To track rental properties with Quicken, you need to describe each property. To describe a property, follow these [more…]

Describe Your Tenants to the Quicken Rental Property Manager

The Rental Property Manager version of Quicken 2013 includes tools for tracking both your rental properties and your rental income and expense. When tracking rental expenses, one of the first things you [more…]

Set Up a Tax-Deferred Investment Account in Quicken 2013

If you need to track a tax-deferred investment in Quicken 2013, you need to know how to set up a tax-deferred account and then record your investment activities. Understanding how tax-deferred investment [more…]

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