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How to Record a Loan Payment in Quicken 2012

After you set up the loan and the loan payment in Quicken 2012, you’re ready to record the payment in (drum roll, please) the register. Complete the following steps to record a payment: [more…]

How to Handle Mortgage Escrow Accounts in Quicken 2012

Like with most things, you can handle mortgage escrow account in Quicken 2012 the easy way (which is rough, dirty, and unshaven) or the hard way (which is precise, sophisticated, and cumbersome). [more…]

How to Adjust Your Principal-Interest Breakdown in Quicken 2012

Not to bum you out, but when setting up loans in Quicken 2012, your principal-interest breakdown will often be wrong. You may calculate interest expense as [more…]

How to Update Loan Balances in Quicken 2012

The Update Balance dialog box in Quicken 2012 adjusts the loan balance to whatever value you indicate, but then it forgets to categorize this adjustment. That's okay, but if you want to be slightly smarter [more…]

How to Schedule a Bill Reminder in Quicken 2012

If a payment occurs regularly, you can tell Quicken 2012 to remind you about the payment, or you can set it up as a scheduled payment. When you do so, Quicken either reminds you or automatically records [more…]

Schedule Income and Transfer Reminders in Quicken 2012

You can schedule income and transfer reminders in Quicken 2012. If you click the Add Reminder button, shown in the lower left-hand corner of the Calendar window, Quicken actually displays a menu of three [more…]

How to Schedule Transactions in Quicken 2012

Quicken 2012 allows you to automatically schedule the adding of transactions. To create these scheduled transactions, you choose Tools→Manage Bill & Income Reminders. Quicken displays the Bill and Income [more…]

Record Various Brokerage Accounts Transactions in Quicken 2012

Quicken 2012 lets you record all sorts of transactions in a brokerage account. Not only can you do reminder and stock split actions, but you can also do a bunch of other things. [more…]

Record Investment Purchases Made by Check in Quicken 2012

As you buy additional investments — by contributing additional amounts to your retirement account or by reinvesting dividends and capital gain distributions — you record the transactions for the investment [more…]

Record Reinvestment Dividends, Interest, or Capital Gains in Quicken 2012

When you reinvest your dividends, interest, or capital gains, you also must record your reinvestment transactions in Quicken 2012. Essentially, you’re buying new shares using the dividend or capital gain [more…]

How to Record Investment Profits in Quicken 2012

When you receive distributions directly from an investment account’s investments that you don’t immediately reinvest, you need to record the deposits of these proceeds in Quicken 1012. You’ll deposit these [more…]

How to Record the Sell of Investments in Quicken 2012

You need to record the sale of shares held in an investment account in Quicken 2012. Selling mutual fund shares works basically the same way as buying them — only in reverse. [more…]

Correct Mistakes in Recording Quicken 2012 Investment Transactions

If you make a mistake when you're recording investment transactions in Quicken 2012, don’t worry — it’s not a problem. You can edit an investment transaction. To edit a particular transaction, you first [more…]

How to Work with Tricky Investment Transactions in Quicken 2012

Quicken 2012 lets you record three common-to-tax-deferred-investment-account transactions by specifying several almost magical actions: shares out, stock split, and reminder transactions. You can tell [more…]

How to Update Securities Prices in Quicken 2012

You can collect current market prices and store this information with your Quicken 2012 accounts (both tax-deferred and taxable). To automatically update security prices, just display the Investing tab [more…]

Transfer Cash to and from a Brokerage Account in Quicken 2012

When you are working with brokerage accounts in Quicken 2012, you are able to transfer cash to and from the money market account. One of the big differences between a brokerage account and a traditional [more…]

How to Buy Near and Sell Dear with Quicken 2012

Buying and selling securities in a brokerage account is very similar to buying and selling shares of a tax-deferred investment with Quicken 2012. You fill in the same fields in almost the exact same way [more…]

Record Dividends, Capital Gains, and Other Goodies in Quicken 2012

It's easy to record dividends, capital gains, and other goodies in Quicken 2012. Any time you receive investment income, click the Enter Transactions button and choose Inc – Income [more…]

How to Adjust Errors in Quicken 2012 Brokerage Accounts

You can adjust the cash balance in a Quicken 2012 brokerage account and the shares balance in brokerage accounts if for some reason the figures are incorrect. How you adjust the cash balance in a brokerage [more…]

Tools Available from the Quicken 2012 Investing Tab

You can work with the Quicken 2012 Investing tab's commands and buttons to monitor your investments. The Quicken 2012 Investing tab provides different views [more…]

How to Print Invoices in Quicken 2012

You can print invoices in Quicken 2012 as you create them. Simply click the Print button on the Invoice window. The Print button looks like a printer and appears in the lower-left corner of the window. [more…]

Issue Credits and Make Refunds in Quickne 2012

Quicken 20125 provides commands and windows for issuing credits and for making refunds to customers. To record a credit — a credit is essentially a backwards invoice that says you owe your customer money [more…]

Finance Charges, Estimates, and Statements in Quicken 2012

Three customer-invoicing commands in Quicken 2012 (available on the Business tab when you click the Business Actions button and choose the Invoices And Estimates command) deserve a quick description: Create [more…]

How to Deposit Taxes from Quicken 2012

Make no mistake. Uncle Sam wants the money you withhold from an employee’s payroll check for federal income taxes, Social Security, and Medicare. Uncle Sam also wants the payroll taxes you owe and have [more…]

File Quarterly Payroll Tax Returns with Quicken 2012

At the end of every quarter, you need to file a quarterly payroll tax return, and Quicken 2012 can help you. (Specifically, you must file a Form 941 — which is a form you fill out to say how much you paid [more…]


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