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How to Use Quicken 2010 with Your PayPal Account

If you use PayPal, you can and should use Quicken 2010 to track the money flowing into and out of your PayPal account. Fortunately, tracking a PayPal account with Quicken is pretty dang easy. [more…]

How to Enter a Check in the Quicken 2010 Register

Entering a check in the Quicken register is a simple matter of describing to whom you wrote the check and how much you paid. Quicken offers a quick and easy way to record checks that you pay and keep your [more…]

How to Record a Deposit with Quicken 2010

When you record a bank deposit in Quicken 2010, you enter the amount of the deposit in the Deposit field of the appropriate banking account. [more…]

How to Enter an Account Transfer in Quicken 2010

Account transfers occur when you move money from one account, such as your savings account, to another account, such as your checking account. Quicken makes quick work of account transfers, as long as [more…]

How to Record a Loan Payment in Quicken 2010

After you set up a liability account in Quicken 2010, you’re ready to make a payment. After you set up the loan and the loan payment, you’re ready to record the payment in [more…]

How to Use Quicken 2010 to Invoice Customers

Quicken needs you to set up a Customer Invoices account to track the invoices you create. After you have this account ready to go, you can invoice customers to your heart's content. [more…]


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